Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Whoops! Er, and hello.

Oh, hey, it's that time of year. That time when some people are writing a novel all month, and some people are blogging all month - like, every day, they blog. 

Clearly, I am not one of those people. I completely forgot about it, and then I was catching up on my blog reading as one does, and one of the bloggers I follow mentioned that NaBloPoMo thing and I had that "smack in the head V-8" moment. Oops.

In other news...

Hello! I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have just been consumed by work and family, to the exclusion of all else. Work is currently such a huge energy suck that until recently I would just come home and collapse, occasionally making something halfway edible for the kids to eat if Sweet Dub had to work in the evenings. But then the Halloween/birthday rush began.

I nearly always end up making at least part of the Halloween costumes for my kids. This is because (a) I think many store-bought Halloween costumes cost more than they are worth and (b) I really do enjoy trying to find the perfect element to make the costumes work and staying up late and putting them together. I also enjoy planning the birthday parties. It was just a very intense time the past couple of weeks because Halloween parties and birthday parties converged. Ceeya's birthday is Oct. 22 and she turned SIX:

and her birthday weekend plans included not only her birthday party but a Halloween dance at the middle school for Viva, as well as a birthday party for one of Ceeya's new classmates the day after her own party.

We rolled straight from that weekend into spirit week at one school, Halloween carnival at the other, culminating in trick or treating on Friday night with old friends. Rolling straight from that into joint birthday celebrations for Ceeya and my stepdad this past weekend with my family in Ventura County.

Man, I am tired. Just a few weeks to Thanksgiving, my friends!

Not to mention there is some kind of political process happening, er, today. I am thankful for absentee ballots. Not to mention being thankful that I can vote, period.

Sure would be good to get some sleep though. I'll add that to my to do list.