Thursday, October 21, 2004

Random Musings

Here is yet another Seinfeldian observation, if you like that kind of thing. Why must children always step on your feet? Particularly if they are wearing shoes and you are not? Viva likes to back up into me and stand on my feet with her little body pressed flat against my legs. She doesn’t stay still, because she is not on a flat surface, so she tends to grind her sneakers into the tops of my bare feet so as not to fall. God love her, she has many other fine qualities, but she just doesn’t understand why this is a problem.

Cute Viva Moment #1,324: Yesterday, I was sitting with Viva in the rocking chair before her nap. She was snuggled into her blankie and talking up a storm. I could catch a word here and there, so I would respond, which almost made it feel like we were having a conversation. It was like having a conversation with someone from another country who is just picking up the language, so you smile and nod encouragingly while remaining relatively clueless about what’s actually being said; e.g., “Oh, potato! Uh-huh, yes, potatoes are nice, you can eat them many ways – oh, tree! Trees are very tall, aren’t they? Are the trees tall in your country?” Except there’s not the attendant anxiety where you’re wondering if you’ve just unknowingly committed to having them and their 14 children move in with you.

At any rate, Viva was so enthusiastic about our talk, that it made me quite happy and warm and fuzzy, so I said to her, “You know, I really like this, talking with you. I really have a good time when we talk to each other.” Viva beamed, threw her head back so I could see her bumpy gums, and said, “I luh you.” And then we hugged like there was no tomorrow.

I know, it’s disgustingly sweet and I don’t care!

But on to more worldly matters. I haven’t said this yet, and I think I should, although pretty much everyone who reads this (among my vast, vast readership) is a registered voter. But PLEASE!! Do not fail us. Vote on November 2. It’s the right thing to do.

Hey, how about those Red Sox? Was that ALCS the bomb or what? What a battle! I have not followed baseball really for at least ten years, but I had to watch this series. Watching it brought back all my irrational childhood “everything-is-black-and-white” rage toward the Yankees. There, I said it. I started out the series really hating the Yankees. But then, as I watched the drama unfold, I gained some perspective and developed a more mature (I hope) attitude toward the rivalry. I don’t hate the Yankees. I’m just sick of them winning, and I’m sick of the ongoing rivalry between Bostonian and New York fans. The Red Sox needed to put the “redheaded stepchild” feeling to rest for the fans and show that they are every bit as good as the Yankees. And they did, quite spectacularly, which was even better and contributes to the overall legend quite neatly.

I am sad that the celebrations in Boston got ugly and, in one case, fatal. But you better believe I am going to be watching the World Series and rooting for Boston. Oh, yes. And I’ll be drinking a Sam Adams (brewed in Boston) while I’m doing it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I am writing. Just not here.

To all: my deepest apologies for slacking off on this blog. I don’t know if you care, but I do feel sad that I haven’t been able to blog here. I have gotten back to working on my book, which is good, but I have also allowed myself to be distracted by myriad other things (like stuff I am researching on the Internet) instead of maintaining this blog. Added to that, my time on the computer is limited because my Smooch-Head (read: Viva) is jealous of any time I spend sitting in front of it. This is mainly because she wants to (a) type on the keyboard; (2) move the mouse’s trackball around; and (IV) watch endless slideshows of herself and various family members on the screen.

What am I to do? I turn off the computer and go play with her. Which means I don’t write here.

So as I said, I’ve been researching stuff on the Internet. What, you may ask, have I been looking for?

I’ve been looking at cars. My lease runs out next year and I’m trying to decide what to do. Since we now have one car and one SUV, we have decided to do a switch. I am going to buy a small SUV and once it is paid off, Honey is going to sell his SUV and buy a car. New cars are yummy. But I will probably buy pre-owned/certified this time. Of course, since you are so smart, you are asking, why don’t they just switch cars?

1. Because Honey’s SUV is 10 years old and doesn’t have all the safety features we would like in a car for our Smooch-Head to ride in.

2. Because my car is leased (for tax purposes) and we don’t want to buy the car at the end of the lease. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved my Passat. But I keep saying to myself: “This would be the ideal car, if only…” Once you find yourself doing that, it’s time to move on. It’s a car, not a person, after all.

3. It’s really none of your damn business, now is it?

I am leaning toward this, although it seems doubtful that we can afford it. I also like this, and this. Oh, and this. Hee hee. Honey is dying to buy this (for himself, not for me). Maybe a boatload of money will drop from the sky and make this all possible.

Don’t laugh, it could happen. It could!

I’ve been looking at shoes. I love shoes. Have I mentioned lately that I’d like a complete wardrobe overhaul and at least 3 new pairs of shoes? Especially since the weather here in Los Angeles has actually turned somewhat fallish? I like these. And these. I’m pretty sure there are more; I’m just too lazy to look up more links at the moment (and remember, I only have limited time as it is. I’m just saying.)

I’ve been looking at preschools for Smooch-Head. I think I have found The One. You have no idea how happy this makes me. I have talked to 9 schools, done “drive-bys” of 15 just to see what they looked like from the outside, and Viva and I have visited 4. Since I am an incurable worry-wart, this whole process has really been torturous. But finally, finally! I have found the place. That’s it. I’m done.

And so is this blog. Until next time…

Monday, October 04, 2004

When do we qualify as an old married couple?

Hey, it’s October. Hey, today is our wedding anniversary. We have been living in wedded bliss for three years now. Dearest Honey called in sick this morning, partly because it is our anniversary and partly because we were both so exhausted yesterday that it didn’t feel like we had much of a Sunday at all. Viva has not been sleeping well because she has a cold and she is still working on that fourth bottom tooth, which is taking its sweet dang time coming through.

But hold the phone! I haven’t yet described our Saturday night, which was yet another reason we were tired. Through the Diva (my sister-in-law), we got free tickets to a John Kerry fundraiser at the Avalon, where we saw Lisa Loeb and the Black Eyed Peas. I want to like Lisa Loeb, but I was actually kind of bored during her set. The Peas were phenomenal, a great live band. What a lot of fun! We had a great time, but since we are old fogies, Sunday was pretty tough with a toddler. Especially because she only napped for about half an hour all day.

So today on our anniversary, we went to breakfast at Highland Grounds, where we first met and where our wedding reception was held. Honey had French toast and I had the breakfast combo #1. Then he took Viva to visit his dad, and I went off and had a mani/pedicure and did the grocery shopping. Whee! Now he is off having his private time and we will go to the park later with our little progeny, who appears to be something of a prodigy (I am about to bust from actually using those two words in the same sentence). I say prodigy because Viva is only 18 months old, but is talking in sentences and can already count to 5. It is freaking me out a little bit.