Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Toddlers for Hire

Toddlers are so helpful. They really like to pitch in and do their part, and Viva is no exception. Recently, I ate lemongrass chicken curry with rice for lunch, and Viva tried some. Most of it ended up on the rug, and she then stepped on it, so her formerly white socks had little rice-shaped yellow splotches on them.

(Here is where it becomes obvious that I am a first-time mom/mom of only one.) After lunch, I took the socks, got out the stain remover, and started scrubbing the socks in the bathroom sink. Viva stood on her step-stool next to me, swishing one and then the other of the socks in the water. Every time I would pick up a sock to scrub it, she would yell, “My turn!” and grab it from me.

Someday when she is fourteen, I am going to tell her this story and she is going to roll her eyes in disgust. “You were actually fighting for the right to wash socks!” I’ll say. “God, Mom, that is so not interesting,” she will say, inspecting her nails and glancing at the clock.

I just love her so.

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