Friday, June 24, 2005

May cause problems sleeping, headaches, or stomach upset

A sprinkling of miscellany today, as I am still mired in the depths of phlegm and my energy level is -2.

With a Woof Woof Here…

Took Viva to the pet store the other day, where we saw the latest in designer dogs, a Puggle pup. A puggle, in case you are interested, is a pug-beagle cross. Here’s a pic:

They’re kind of cute dogs, albeit controversial. It is kind of ridiculous to pay $1,000 for what is, in essence, a mutt. But then, I’ve always been a big fan of going down to the pound or even, God forbid, picking out a puppy from a neighbor’s litter. I'm not all that picky.

And a Woof Woof There…

Speaking of dogs, the mom of the 12-year-old who got killed by the family pit bulls has been arrested.

And all I can say is: what took them so long?

Good Day, Sunshine

In other news, happy birthday to my dear friend, Coolia! To commemorate your birthday in a special special way, I began menstruating this morning. (The rest of you will think it’s gross, but Coolia will totally love that I said that.)

Bop The Man, Part II

Pursuant to my rant yesterday: turns out that despite having paid into this prescription plan for six months, Sweet William’s employer never included us on the roster, so there was no way for either the prescription company or the pharmacist to know that we were covered. Nice.

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