Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stimulatin' the Economy

Sweet Dub, on viewing two bags of clothes/shoes/toys sitting next to our front door to be donated to charity: “Jesus! We are such consumers!” Turning to me, he continues, “I mean, doesn’t it seem to you that we are constantly getting rid of stuff? What kind of lesson are we teaching our child? It’s such a consumer culture.”

“Most of it is clothes Viva has grown out of,” I say. “And toys she doesn’t play with anymore.” (And honestly, most of those, we didn’t buy ourselves, since not only does Viva get scads of stuff on Christmas and her birthday, but at each and every other birthday party she attends. Oh, not to mention at school they have a party about once a month and she gets even more useless crap there. Since I am an anti-clutter freak, I sift through her room and donate a lot of stuff on a pretty regular basis.)

“Agh,” Dub replies disgustedly, and this seems to be his final word on the crass commercialism of the fine society in which we find ourselves.

Five minutes later: “We need a new couch.”

(To be fair, he immediately picked up on his own hypocrisy and laughed at himself.)


Cee in SF said...

Hee hee. Hey, I need a new couch, too. Don't judge me.

Bridget In Oregon said...

This must be the place to go to if you need a new couch. And chairs too. They are all WAY saggy and 18 years old.

However, I'm like you though... I'm so busy getting rid of all the crap and goodie bag stuff and stupid birthday presents and baby stuff and ... where does it all come from? (Got Relatives?) Anyway, just know that you're not alone.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Something funky happened with my comments and/or the e-mail address to which they are sent and/or my brain (if I had to choose which one is most likely, I'd have to say the last option). I'm not ignoring you!

New couch: not in the cards right now. New slipcover from Target: much more likely.