Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Disco Inferno

This post is brought to you today by the letter H (for HOT) and the number 90 (for super freakin' hot).

1. Hey, guess what? It's September in Southern California, which means it's the hottest time of year. My brain, she is melting. Hence and therefore, I can't promise that this post will be about much of anything besides the heat, for which I apologize in advance because I am quite sure that many of the 7 people that read here regularly are probably also quite hot. And I mean that in both senses of the word. Smooch, smooch.

2. The chorus to "Disco Inferno" is in my head. Burn, baby, burn. Hey, now it's in yours. See how sneaky I am?

3. Medical update: I am having surgery in early October to rid myself of these dratted fibroids. Did you know that compared to other races, African-American women are 3 to 9 times more likely to have fibroids, develop fibroids at a younger age, and have more numerous fibroids? Whee! I got ripped off on the melanin, but I got the fibroids. It is like some frickin' cosmic joke.

4. I am relieved to be having the surgery, which shows you that things have gotten pretty damn bad around here.

5. Speaking of melanin, the Blah Blah family went to the beach this weekend. After a couple hours sitting by the water in the sun, I was completely incapacitated for the rest of the day. We arrived at the beach at 8:40 AM and left by 11:00 AM. Once again, it is hard to believe that I am descended from people who toiled for hours in the sun.

6. Viva was reunited with her best friend on Saturday. (Her best friend, who she's known since the age of 2, recently moved to a different school. Her older brother was having issues with one of the teachers and Best Friend's parents decided to move both kids.) There was much rejoicing. I brought my camera but damned if it didn't come out of my purse the entire four hours of the playdate. Again, I blame it on the heat. Because I can.

7. When I arrived at work this morning, there were fire engines outside my building. As you might imagine, not wanting to sizzle like a blister in the sun, I asked the parking attendant about it as I was driving in. "Fire drill," he said, waving me in. Hey, you know what? WRONG. Rolling blackout, and people were trapped in the elevators, and the firefighters were trying to get them out. Since I always take the stairs, I was spared that. However, I did end up stuck at work for a couple of hours with no phone, no power, no air conditioning. By about 9:30, I was sweating and yet still taking calls on my cell phone from someone I work with, detailing all the work I needed to do once I got home. Damn. So unlike some people who can only work if they're on the network, no extra day off for me. I can always write from home.

8. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean I might not run a few errands. I just realized that I've managed to go all summer with one pair of decent shorts. I pretty much wear either them or one of two pairs of capri pants when I'm hanging around the house like this, so maybe I'll actually buy another pair. Bonus: they may actually be on sale because it is so late in the season. I'm also trying not to run the air conditioning here at home because it makes Sweet Dub have the conniptions. So the mall, the library, and the movie theater are all looking like great options.

9. And, I'm out. It's heating up in here. Time to hit the dry cleaners and grab something iced to drink. Peace!


Anonymous said...

I only complain when you leave the temp. set a 65, when no one is home.


cloudscome said...

I notice you have Bless Me, Ultima on your shelfari. I have that book too, and read it when my oldest son was reading it in middle school years ago. I loved it. I am cloudscome on shelfari too - friend me!

Liz said...

Oh, you make me laugh. Aren't you glad it's cooled off? But just wait till those Santa Ana's kick up in a couple of weeks. Whew!

#3 makes me glad I'm soon going to the Dr. for the first time in almost four years. #5 - I got a little fried at that Notre Dame game last weekend. Red noses aren't cute at all and I put on sunblock every 1/2 hour.

Janie said...

And now I have one of those dratted summer/hot weather colds because who can NOT sleep with 2 fans blowing directly on them while they are sleeping and sweating!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Everyone: Sorry for the delay in responding to comments. Real life keeps intruding upon me!

Sweet anon: What, did you just meet me yesterday? You know I just like to give you a hard time. :)

clouds: I just read that book in connection with a project we are doing with the NEA. I really enjoyed it too - violent and sad but at times really really funny (thinking back on the Christmas pageant scene makes me smile even now). I just friended you today on shelfari -- I need to explore that a bit so I can buy more books, um, I mean use the interlibrary loan system more.

Liz: Yes! We were actually able to sit in the backyard this weekend without melting. It was a thing of beauty. Of course, it did start heating up again today...

Janie: That is the worst - I'm sorry. But you know, if you have a cold you might just have a sore throat and if you have a sore throat, that is always a good excuse to have a popsicle. Some say, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I say make a lemon slushy-type thing (alcohol optional). Also good for a sore throat. Which you may or may not have. But no one else has to know that.