Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kooky, Not Spooky

Generally, around this time of year, the Blah Blah family is occupied with Halloween – in particular, with Viva’s costume. Ever since Viva became old enough to have an opinion about Halloween, she has favored the selection of a costume that not everyone else will have. Thus, last year, amidst a swarm of princesses and pirates in her class, she stood out as the very memorable elephant clown:

This year, Viva decided quite early on that she wanted to be Bat Cat.

If you are not familiar with the television program (programme? It’s British) Charlie and Lola (or if you’ve only seen one or two episodes), you may not be aware of this particular superhero. Bat Cat is a television character in Charlie and Lola’s world, and their favorite superhero. Lola has a Bat Cat lunchbox and there is an episode where Charlie and Lola make up a Bat Cat story where Bat Cat saves Squabbles the dog’s hairbrush from a burning building. Bat Cat is a cat who dresses up like a bat. He can fly (he has a cape), but other than that, I’m not aware of any other superpowers. Viva is quite taken by Bat Cat, and Sweet Dub has encouraged this fascination by creating his own stories about Bat Cat, complete with alter ego whose name I can’t possibly reveal here.

Do you see where this is going?

Of course, there is no such thing as a pre-made Bat Cat costume. Fortunately, both Bat Cat and Batman seem to have an affinity for black, grey, and yellow. Hence, we bought a Batman suit, which I split down the back, added a cat’s tail* to from the inside, and sewed back up. I also cut off the mask from the cap, and I need to shorten the cape so you can see her tail. Right now I am working on modifying the utility belt and I have created a Bat Cat logo to go across her chest and cover up the Batman symbol. Sweet Dub actually deigned to cross the threshold of the craft store and brought me back several squares of felt, so yesterday I made patterns and cut and pinned most of the logo together. I am pleased that (a) it’s actually coming together and looking good and (b) I had the time to do this because I’m on medical leave.

I will post pictures when it’s complete so you can all enjoy the cuteness. Or at least have a laugh.

Speaking of which, Sweet Dub also purchased a costume. I am not sure what compelled him to do this because I have known him for 7 years and he never has. But you know, that Sweet Dub, he is unpredictable. On Saturday, while Viva was out of the house, he tried it on:

He also ran wildly about the yard in a deranged performance that completely validated my decision to merge my life with his, 'til death do us part, etc. I have video, but it is very jumpy:

Have I mentioned that it is painful for me to laugh? You know, because of the recent abdominal surgery?

Why is he trying to kill me?
* Not from a real cat. No animals were harmed in the assemblage of Viva's costume.


bridget in oregon said...

Oh. Mi. God. That is so funny. I wish my husband could make me laugh. You're right: he is Sweet Dub. What a lucky lady you are.

(And yes, laughing does hurt really bad right now!)

Can't wait to see the Bat Cat outfit. You are a great mom for making the costume. I cheat at Halloween (Slacker Mom?)... I usually just try to assemble something from what we already have. My oldest daughter is going as a Chef from Ratatoille complete with a stuffed rat (from a Wendy's Kids Meal) I'll sew to her shoulder and the other daughter is going as a white cat again but we're just calling her by a different name this year. This year she'll answer to "FrostFur" (go figure!).

Lisa Blah Blah said...

He is completely insane, you know. But that's why I love him!

I like the chef with the rat on her shoulder, that's cute. And a kitty cat is always adorable. Pictures, I need pictures!

trebs said...

That video made my day! Thanks for sharing. I wish the BD would wear a costume. WMD is going for the traditional firefighter... which right now may not be so appropriate considering the LA/SD fire storm. I am fashioning a breathing/oxygen tank out of a spraypainted 2 liter bottle and some velcro. This is the extent of my creativeness! :)

Liz said...

The Bat Cat idea is so cute! I can barely sew a button back on a shirt so I am bowing down to your sewing skills. And Sweet Dub's costume/video is out of control.

My husband bought a Darth Vader costume. I am considering going as "goth girl" because then I only have to do the makeup. Then we can roll into House of Pies scaring people together. Our kids will probably be the most normal looking of our bunch!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Trebs: still getting caught up on my blog reading (bad! bad!) so I will have to surf on over to your blog and see if you posted any photos. I love firefighters!

Liz: I was invited to lunch at House of Pies the day after Halloween! Scary coincidence! Did you end up Gothing it up?