Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Feature!

So I returned to work last week and have not had even a second to pick my nose*, never mind write a coherent blog post. Since this seems to be an overarching theme which runs throughout 9 out of 10 of my blog posts, and over which I have a disproportional amount of guilt, I am going to start a new feature at Mama Blah Blah.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Here it is. Because I have limited time, I'm going to post one-liners. These may be things I have said or overheard or that other people have said to me or that I pick up off the bathroom wall. I will try to post them in context, which will involve more than one line, but they will be for the most part very brief posts.

Today's one-liner, which was actually said yesterday, is:

"Once again, not having won the lottery, the [Blah Blahs] head off to work."

Said by Sweet Dub, approx. 6:30 am, as we looked at each other mournfully, me in my bathrobe, he fully dressed and about to walk out the door. I hate Mondays.

* Not that I would ever do that. Isn't that what coat sleeves are for?


Liz said...

Oh yeah, that one gets said QUITE frequently in this house. Which is quite a shame since I always forget to buy tickets.

KD said...

Oh, it is STILL hilarious, three days later!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Liz, we never buy them either. I think, but I'm not quite sure, that this is why we never win. We seem to be caught up in the idea that we might actually just work hard and get somewhere. :-)

kd: If you see me in person, then you don't have to read the blog! It's win-win!

Lacey said...

First time reader here. You are QUITE amusing. Do you call him Sweet Dub to his face?

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Hi Lacey, and welcome! I call Sweet Dub lots of things to his face that I just can't share with you because it would be too embarrassing for both of us. His real name is William. I started out calling him Sweet William on this blog and that became too cumbersome, so that evolved to Sweet W, which evolved to Sweet Dub. In real life, I mainly call him Honey. (And he does read my blog, for some reason - so he knows what his blog nickname is...)