Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Sandwich

The Blah Blahs took yesterday off to view the inauguration at home together as a family. Yesterday in the late morning, Sweet Dub’s Blackberry was blowing up with texts and emails from folks who were all saying, “You said there’d never be a black president! You said there’d never be a black president!” I said to him, “You should write back, ‘I’ve never been happier to be wrong.’”

“Oh my God,” Sweet Dub said. “That’s exactly what I said.” He scrolled down in his Blackberry and showed me the message: I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Same sandwich,” I said, and kept right on washing out baby bottles.

(This should go without saying, but we stayed home to watch not just because Barack Obama is the first black president. We stayed home to watch because of the phenomenon that Barack Obama has become, and the response he has engendered among the public, as evidenced by the insane turnout on the Mall. People are ready for change, and even if he doesn't accomplish all that he sets out to do as president, he has energized a goodly segment of the population. In and of itself a very positive thing.)

(We also stayed home to watch so we could scream with glee and jump up and down like idiots as George W. got into the helicopter and flew away. If I could get that video and the video of the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes* at W. on a continuous loop? Man, that would be the best video ever.)

(* I really do think that should be W's "thing" wherever he goes. I wish everyone at the inauguration had thrown their shoes at him. And Dick Cheney. Like, just at the two of them, maybe in an isolated space without anyone else around, so there wouldn't be collateral damage to other people. I am not totally heartless.)

Edited to add: OH MY GOD! How did I miss this?? ("Bush Protest: Shoes Thrown at White House")


bridget in oregon said...

It WAS a great day, wasn't it? I was happy all freakin' day.

On the Bush and the shoe throwing... I was surprized at how deft he was at ducking. Perhaps Laura has thrown her fair share at him as well.

trebs said...

When I read this: "... so we could scream with glee and jump up and down like idiots as George W. got into the helicopter and flew away."... I screamed with delight. I literally, in my classroom while watching live with my students, inadvertently said aloud, "oh c'mon, spin up those blades already and FLY!". I didn't even realize I was speaking out loud! It was an awesome day. It was as if the helicopter taking off took this tremendous load off my shoulders. What a fabulous experience to be alive for yesterday's inauguration.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

bridget: It was indeed a great day. I told Sweet Dub in the morning as we began watching: "I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!" LOL, I love your theory about the shoes. I would bet that Laura has had more than ample reason to throw a show at George in her day!

trebs: I was actually out of the room when he got on the helicopter. Sweet Dub paused it and screamed for me to come watch: "We've been waiting 8 years for this!" Oh, yes. It was definitely a collective sigh of relief!

bridget in oregon said...

LOL at Sweet Dub's "we've been waiting eight years for this!" Absolutely hilarious.

I still feel giddy and it's four days later. *sigh*

E. said...

I love the same sandwich story. So glad you linked to that. (Barack and Michelle seem like they've got a lot of same sandwich going on in their marriage, too. Excuse me, I mean President Obama and the First Lady! Woo hoo!)

Lisa Blah Blah said...

bridget: I think I'm STILL a little giddy. Or maybe I'm just light-headed because I haven't had lunch yet... :-)

E: Yeah, lately we actually say the same thing at the same time. It's getting very weird.