Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Connect 4 - or in this case, more

Do you belong to any networking sites? I have a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a Shelfari account, a college network account, a family MySpace account, and a friend just emailed to invite me to join HoverSpot.com. I don’t even know what that is, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have time for it.

I barely have time for the friends I have, even my nearest and dearest! I know this is going to sound antiquated, but wouldn’t it be cool to get off the computer and just call the people you want to talk to? Or even just email a quick note to say, “Hi, I’m thinking about you”?

What is it with this crazy life? I admit I am just as bad as everyone else about keeping in touch. I have aunts back east with three and four kids and not only do they manage to shop and wrap and get packages out to us every Christmas, but they promptly write thank you notes (like within a week!) for the gifts I send their way. It is mind-boggling.

I blame the TV and its siren call. Now, really, after I’ve been staring at a screen all day at work, do I really need to stare at a screen for a couple of hours once I get home?

I think not. What I need to do is attend to other personal business. Spend some time with my husband, maybe do some yoga, maybe catch up with some friends. What did I do with my time before I had children? I really feel a need to reclaim that part of my life in little bits and pieces. Don’t get me wrong – I realize it would be unproductive to long for hours of free time to just noodle around. But can I grab 15 minutes here and there and make little moments for myself?

Financial advisers always say you need to pay yourself first. You hear me? That's what I'm talking about. Facebook and all its minions can wait. I've got other stuff on my mind.


bridget in oregon said...

I keep getting requests and nudges from friends to join Facebook but honestly I just don't need another 'time suck' on my life. And soon enough I keep getting this nagging doubt that maybe I'm missing out on something.

Thankfully exhaustion steps in and takes care of everything. ;-)

Cee in SF said...

I hear ya loud and clear. I like Facebook because it was like going to the mall was in my day. Seeing randoms that you say hi to, catch up quickly, and leave. Plus, it's easier for me to cast out a thought and whether anyone cares makes no matter to me. I just want people to know I'm "thinking about lunch" or "off to a meeting." It is random and useless, but I find it easy to spend 15 minutes looking around and then reading. I can't imagine what it'll be like when I have children.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

bridget: I find Facebook really bizarre because I don't think I really need to know when my Friends beFriend other people. Like my 19-year-old cousin, for example. Do I really need to know that "Nick is now friends with Roberta"? I guess it's because Facebook is designed more with the younger set in mind. They probably do give a shit when someone beFriends someone else, but I certainly don't.

cee: I'm sorry, did you just write "WHEN I HAVE CHILDREN?" You are even sneakier than I thought!

Cee in SF said...

I'm planning on having children. Let's hope biology and the economy are on our side.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

cee: Amen to that!