Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Decidedly Unfunky

I am in the midst of a clothes funk. Ecch, my clothes. Why are they all so hateful?

Added to that, the family has booked a trip to Maui in June. I know, I know, all I should need is two pairs of shorts, a few T-shirts, some flip-flops and the sunscreen. And a hat. Wait, I just re-read that sentence and realized I didn’t even think to include bathing suits. What does that tell you?

Summer is coming! I want to spend the entire summer looking fabulous in cute little sundresses all in bright citrus-y shades. With adorable little strappy sandals! Alas, my budget does not allow for this. I need to buy clothes for my children. They insist on growing, which is completely inconsiderate of them and certainly something which I will never let them live down.

I have a friend who always looks completely fabulous. (Maybe it’s you!) I always want to ask where she gets her clothes. She is at least 10-12 inches taller than I and always wears amazing high-heeled shoes. I mean, her shoes are like a party in and of themselves. She can rock short hair or she can rock cornrowed braids (the look she is currently rocking). She could probably shave her head and look abso-fricking-gorgeous. She is just one of those peeps who has a presence. I have a little bit of a girl crush on her.

She, like me, has two small kids. I don’t know how she does it. I love her, and while I’m all about the self-acceptance I do occasionally feel kind of short and frumpy around her. Now, I do own a mirror and I am aware that most people of the adult sort are, indeed, taller than I am. I embrace my shortness. I just don’t embrace feeling frumpy dumpy.

I realize there are more important things to worry about. So many more important things to worry about – and I do. But I feel the need to jazz myself up a bit. And maybe that will make me able to tackle some of those more important issues. Like, Viva telling me last night that she was mad at God. My 6-year-old is having existential angst! Is it any wonder that I just want to fixate on my closet?


Nerd Girl said...

Accessorize! I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of girl, but I am learning to LOVE accessories. They can be a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up what you've already got. Enjoy Maui.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Nerd Girl: when I say I want to spend the summer in sundresses, that's mainly because outside of work pretty much all I wear is T-shirts and jeans (more practical with small kids). So yeah, maybe jewelry and some inexpensive cute shoes will give me a lift!

Cee in SF said...

Someone needs a trip to Camarillo. You get a dress and some print shirts from Banana and you're a new gal for ~$50.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

I avoid Camarillo because my family lives there now. LOL! When I hear "Camarillo," it no longer equates with "scoring great deals at the outlet and giving me fabulous retail therapy." It now equates with "45 minutes in the car, impenetrable layers of family dysfunction and a bad mood for the rest of the weekend." Yes, it's ruined. Maybe I can go poke around at Nordstrom Rack...