Monday, August 17, 2009

On the move. Yeah, again.

“Your life is like a bad comedy,” the real estate agent said as she was showing us a place on Saturday.

It’s not feeling very funny right now. Let’s recap: about a year ago, our then-landlord contacted us and apologetically stated that he and his wife were getting divorced, and that he knew it was horrible timing since we were expecting a new baby, but that he would like his house back. I was 7.5 months pregnant. We found another place and, one week after getting out of the hospital from my C-section, we moved to our current rental house.

Now, our current landlord has approached us with the wonderful news that he and his wife are expecting. How exciting! Oh, and guess what – they want their house back. They’re happy to let us out of our lease early if we can find something and get the heck out.

Both times, this hasn’t given us enough time to find a place to buy, even if we were in the position to do so. This has been a rough year financially. You remember that we thought we could pay more in rent because it would be offset by having Viva in public school and not having to pay private school tuition. Oh, you remember how well that worked out. And we’re also now paying for daycare for Miss Celie. Our rate of saving has slowed down dramatically.

And moving is expensive. You have to put down deposits, you have to rent a truck, you have to pay installation fees for cable/satellite, the phone, etc. Not to mention you have to pack up all your crap.

Things are dark over here in my little corner of the universe. It will pass. We will find a place. We might manage to stay in this new place until we can afford to buy something. Think good thoughts.


sploo said...

I am always thinking good thoughts for you and yours, darling! What a pain, though. Hope it works out quickly, cleanly and cheaply.

Cee in SF said...

D'oh! Sorry! This is stress you guys don't need, but I will think good thoughts for you and the fam.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Thank you, my sweeties! You know I am always trying to stay positive. This has bummed me out, though...more than I expected. I know something good will turn up. Thanks for the good thoughts!

Bridget said...

Oh, God. I hate moving. I moved six times in one year (when I hardly had any stuff) and that sealed it. It's the packing and the gleaning and the "where did I put that?". And you're right, it's expensive.

Thinking GREAT location, location, location thoughts for the Blah Blahs.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Fingers crossed! It looks like we may have found a place!