Thursday, September 02, 2010


Recently, I received confirmation that, much as I’ve suspected, Ceeya has a sensory processing disorder. We have a variety of problematic issues that have gotten progressively worse in recent months. I don’t talk much about that here, which is a shame, because it might help someone else who is struggling with something similar. But I feel that we are just getting started sorting out her issues and receiving treatment (primarily occupational therapy). It may be a long slog.

I’m teetering on the fence of how much do I share here. How much of this is really her story, but also about how this is such a small part of who she is. She is a sweet and smart and funny (yes, she already has a sense of humor) kid. I love her to pieces. I don’t want this condition to define her, but at the same time it occupies so much of my energy and brain space.

Too often these days, the things that are happening in my life are personal to many other people, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing so much about their lives. Again, rethinking what I want this blog to be.

Thanks for your patience as I sort this out.


The Gori Wife said...

D'you read Amalah? Her son has a similar sensory processing thing. She has a whole side blog dedicated to it.

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

My five-year-old Jafta has SPD. Boy does he ever. He started therapies when he was about 18 months. Things are SO much better now (much of it due to maturity and impulse control). I don't blog about it much but if you ever want to chat about it, shoot me an email.

Los Angelista said...

I have the same dilemmas, but certainly not on the same magnitude. I can imagine how hard it is to blog about this since I had relatives that were mad that I blogged that my kids had head lice, and when I wrote about my niece's mental illness, folks were not pleased. So yeah, it's hard for me too to figure out how much to share.

Bridget said...

Whatever your decision about what to blog about and what not to (which is why I can't seem to start a blog), your link to the sensory processing thing helped immensely. I'm sure that my kids have the food issue to some heightened degree. And by 'heightened' I mean, way more than most kids but not super chronic.

PS Just LOVE that photo of the three of you in the sidebar. So sweet.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Gori Wife: I do not read Amalah regularly, although I do love the Advice Smackdown (good grief, she is prolific! I feel mildly shamed when I see the amount of writing she is able to publish). I did take a look at her sensory processing column and was glad you made the recommendation. Thanks, and welcome to my little blargh!

Kristen: You have got to be kidding me! With everything else you have going on?! Thank you--I will indeed be emailing you!

LA (Liz): I have had similar issues with friends who read this blog--one was quite hurt by something I said here, and I deleted the post. Another was offended that I even mentioned her at all. Live and learn, I guess! I always figure if I'm not actually identifying the person to the public that it's okay, but evidently I am wrong. :-b I do have some concern that Ceeya will read this later in life and be appalled that I put her business out there. This Internet thing is tricky.

Bridget: Thanks for the support! I do think I will blog about C's sensory issues, especially the food issues as they are my biggest concern right now and the details of our journey might be helpful.

PS Aw, I love that photo too. :-)