Saturday, August 03, 2013

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Thanks to the kindness of some old and very dear friends of Sweet Dub's, we spent most of last week at a beautiful resort near Palm Springs. For free! We got a block of rooms and our kids played happily for days in the pool. I feel very blessed.

To the obvious question, "Wasn't it obscenely hot in the desert in July?" I say to you, yes. Yes, it was.

However, the resort had several pools and its own little water park on the premises. Our friends rented a cabana at the pool so we had plenty of water and shade. And one day they took all the kids to an off-site water park and gave us a day to ourselves! I can't even tell you how nice it was to have some carefree grown-up time. Look upon our glee!

I am super leery of water mixing with my phone so I have no pics of the kids in the pool. But here they are, getting ready for fun in the sun:

And some shots of the hotel grounds:

It was 107 degrees out in Rancho Mirage, and just 100 miles away and a few days later, it's 71 degrees at the beach today. Pretty amazing.

Back to work on Monday. Feeling pretty rested...although we came back to a notice of a rent increase. Ahh, reality. There you are!

Nonetheless, can't beat the lazy days of summer. Hope you are enjoying yours!

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