Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Show of Hands

Okay, an informal poll here as I throw my screwdriver into the corner and stamp up and down cursing in a whisper since my child is asleep:

Has anyone, anywhere in the known universe ever had an easy time assembling anything from IKEA?

I am not trying to put together something complicated like a bookshelf. God forbid. I am just trying to hang a space-saving dishrack on the wall above my kitchen sink so I can free up some counter space. First of all, IKEA does not include the actual screws to fasten it to the wall, much to my dismay upon opening the package a few minutes ago. But beyond that, the screws they include to attach the hooks to the dishrack so it can hang on the wall are too short to keep the damn thing together. I can't remember when I bought this (I know it was well before the painting started on Dec. 31st) and I am quite certain that my receipt is nowhere to be found, so I can't even take it back.

A pox upon IKEA! I have once again wasted valuable nap time doing something fruitless. Burgleflickle!

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