Saturday, February 11, 2006

Use Your Imagination

I've updated my Flickr account, so the photo badge you see in the sidebar to your right should contain new delightful pictures for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are part of Sweet William's Christmas present, for which I drove around Hollywood taking pictures of some of his favorite things and then I enlarged each photo and framed it. Some of my favorites are of the Hollywood Shadow Project, a public art installation designed by Electroland. Here is their description of the project:
Large-scale sculptures of iconic movie scenes are strategically situated to cast shadows onto the walls of nearby buildings, all of which house movie-making activities, resulting in shadows returning to the site of their production.
Apparently, this project went up five years ago, and some of the sculptures have since been taken down, but some are still standing. There were originally seven, and I was able to photograph three.

I am a big fan of public art because I believe it adds value to urban life, and I love to turn the corner and see something unexpectedly imaginative and weirdly beautiful. Perhaps you feel the same.

The design received an award in 2002 from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, and yes, I may be way behind the times in blogging about it today in 2006, but let me just say that I still love the concept and still enjoy what's left of the installation, so it's still relevant to at least one person. I think that counts for something.

And now, I must be off -- Viva is squealing from her room, where she claims she is trying to take a nap. I am of the opinion that she could try harder, but there I go, putting unrealistic expectations on my chile already. Wait until she's in high school...

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