Tuesday, August 01, 2006

If You Want Something Meaty, Eat Some Mutton

If you don’t care about reading anything of substance this morning, welcome home! Take a load off.

This morning, just after we pulled up outside Viva’s school: “I’m hungry.” I know that you know that Viva had already had breakfast – a yogurt smoothie, part of a bagel, and her vitamins – so this may strike you, as it did me, as surprising.

I grabbed my lunch from the front seat and gave her half of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

An aside: Viva lately has declared a pox on all things sandwich-related, objecting strenuously to any kind of food item placed between two pieces of bread. This has led to me making tortilla wraps, open-faced bagel sandwiches, and when all else fails, sending her to school with meatless chicken nuggets and a container of ketchup. (She also gets a container of fresh fruit, some kind of veggie or salad, crackers or tortilla chips, and usually a treat like a granola bar or banana bread or cookies.) I was skeptical that half of my PB&J would soothe the savage beastie.

Well, shut my mouth, because she grabbed it and chowed down. I left her happily munching away in her classroom. She barely deigned to say goodbye.

So much for my lunch. I just ate the other half and all that’s left of my lunch is fruit salad. It’s 9:15. Woe.

Even less meaty:

My birthday party plans have somewhat petered out. The place where I want to have the party doesn’t take reservations for groups larger than 12 (I was hoping to invite 20 people), and they don’t have a private room. Bastardos! I’m trying to regroup and figure out where to go from here. You know, in between working and parenting and spousing and all that.

And as I am working on my latest writing project – fleshing out someone else’s ideas for a program – I await some flashes of brilliance. Alas, uninspired prose rules the day.

I need to update my blogroll (hello, new friends) and links and what the hell, the blog template too. Are you as bored with it as I am?

Totally meatless:

My favorite headline thus far in the Mel Gibson flap: “Gibson's Newest 'Lethal Weapon' — His Mouth.” Hee hee. What an ass.


Anonymous said...

"It is known to sources inside and outside Washington D.C. that Mel Gibson has previously expressed interest in subject matter positively confirming the identiy of Jeff Gannon. Jeff Gannon did infiltrate the White House for two years and did compromise the presidency of George W. Bush. The story of Gannon's unbridled Whitehouse access was effectively surpressed by the mainstream media.

It has been leaked to the FBI that an individual (a female) with a personal relationship to Jeff Gannon and Noreen Gosch can positively ID Gannon as Johnny Gosch and wants to go public with her story. It is also known that she is a traditional Roman Catholic who would most likely want to give the story to Mel Gibson."

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