Monday, August 21, 2006

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

All kinds of shit has been going down since I last blogged, and it’s not bad shit, but just a lot of shit that has kept me busy. Rather than blogging about it, because that would be boring, I’m just going to pretend this 10-day hiatus from my blog never happened.

Thus, and verily: Viva has been sick and not her best self, so we are all unhappy. Let me, nonetheless, share some nuggets with you:

Viva [looking into the mirror]: Do I have eyebrows?
Mama Blah: Of course you do. [points to Viva’s admittedly fine and only somewhat discernible eyebrows] See? You have very cute eyebrows.
Viva: Oh. I see them. Does Daddy have eyebrows?
Mama: Yes, baby, Daddy has eyebrows.
Viva: But I can’t see them! Because he is – he is – he is darker brown, so I can’t see them.
Mama: But his eyebrows are darker than his skin.
Viva: But I don’t see them!
Mama: Yes, but they’re there. Take it from me, sister.
Viva: WHAT? I’m not your sister!

File this under, “It Won’t Be So Funny When She’s Thirteen”

[It’s 10:30 pm. Viva goes to bed around 8:00, but keeps getting up to go pee, or because she’s thirsty, or because she had a “bad dream” 5 minutes after I left the room, or because her 45-minute-long CD has stopped. I’m tired, and I’m tired of all her reindeer games. When I hear her open her bedroom door again, I run around the corner in a fury.]

Mama: Viva, why are you still up? Stop playing around in here and go to sleep!
Viva: But I’m not tired!
Mama: I. DON’T. CARE.
Viva: Whatever!
Mama: Whatever, yourself! Go to sleep!
Viva: FINE!
Mama: FINE!
[At the door, I turn and look back at Viva before I turn out the light. She is grinning.]
Viva: Good night, Mama.
Mama: Good night, baby. I love you.
Viva: I love you, too. Even when you’re grumpy.


Cee in SF said...

Ah, new posts... I love reading me some blogs.

E. said...

Cute. I'm glad we're not the only family who puts the kid to bed with a CD every night. Hope the little sprite is feeling better.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

I know of a family who puts their kid to bed with a video every night. We have not gone that far. Music stimulates the brain, right? Helps you identify patterns and such. Yeah, that's right. It's a developmentally appropriate whatchacallit, tool, yeah.