Monday, December 04, 2006

Punctuality is the Thief of Time

Let me just say that I am usually at work on time in the mornings. I may be a couple of minutes late here or there, but I’m usually here when I’m supposed to be. My boss lives about 45 miles east of L.A. and it takes her For.Ev.Er to get here each morning – sometimes as many as two hours.

This morning, Viva and I were delayed for a variety of reasons getting out the door, and then we hit really bad traffic. Cars were crawling on Melrose Avenue at a pace reserved for, say, your garden-variety Helix Aspersa. We arrived at Viva’s school at 8:30 – which is when I am usually arriving at work.

O woe! I unloaded all her stuff and spoke with her teacher briefly, then delivered her unto the playground and ran back to my car. Traffic was just as bad getting to work. I sheepishly slimed in at about 8:55.

Two seconds later my boss popped up at my desk, all bubbly and full of energy. She has a meeting this morning, so she made an effort to leave extra early to make sure she had time to prepare. She usually doesn’t get here until close to 10 every morning, and I am pretty much on the honor system to be here on time. I felt like a gigantic ass.

Happy Monday.


Cee in SF said...

You feel like an ass? It was out of your control. Plus, it seems you're always on time 9or close to it) and you get a few grace late-arrivals. Now me...I am always late by 10-15 mins, but I don't take lunches so it evens out.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

See, I usually do take lunch, because I always have some friggin' errand to do (go to the dry cleaners, drop off library books, whatever the hell). On days when it's my turn to pick up Viva and I know I will have to leave promptly, I usually just grab a sandwich and eat at my desk.

I felt like an ass because the one time she was there early, I was late. I am not sure she realized it, but there you are.