Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Words Are Late

I am afraid that I did not get very much accomplished today as far as work goes. I found an interesting blog today: Syntax and Soul. (Note: This is not why I did not get much accomplished today. I just couldn't get my thoughts together. But tomorrow morning, I am sure, the adrenaline will kick in when I realize how much I have left to do, and I will burn through the project I'm working on and shape it into usable form. )

I like this entry for its description of various people's reactions to a delayed flight at the airport, but particularly for the term "arguing with reality." I think this is a very common and silly thing to do, and I know that I am quite often guilty of it. And I recognized myself toward the end:

The planes come, if not on time. The words come, if not when I want them. I do best when I use the time of waiting engaged in something other than arguing with reality.

The planes come, and I have never missed a deadline.


Trula said...

'arguing with reality'

I find myself doing this sometimes too.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Continuing with the theme of "the words are late," my comments are late. Welcome, Trula!

I find myself doing this most often with time, especially in the mornings. I look up at the clock and gasp, "it can't be 7:30 already!" Alas, it is. I am constantly having to reprioritize as I try to get myself and Viva out the door in time for school/work. I just keep denying the reality that I move really slowly in the mornings and I need extra time, which means I can't be all heavy-handed with the snooze button.

I am trying to improve.

Cee in SF said...

We'rea ll heavy handed with the snooze button. I admit that I've been too generous with my sleep tim e and less with my getting ready time. I need to work on that. Baby steps...

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Mmm, sleep.