Thursday, January 31, 2008

Drug-Addled Gasbag

Sick for nearly two weeks. Finally broke down and called the doctor. Diagnosis: I have bronchitis and what may be the early stages of strep throat. My doctor has prescribed some antibiotics and cough syrup with Codeine. I am sleepy as all get-out and a little nauseated. And yet, I haven't been able to sleep while at home this afternoon because first came the lawn care guys and quick on their heels, some people from the phone company who need to access a telephone pole via my back yard. Something about my neighbors' phone service, I don't even know.

Lawd, give me strength. Or as my mother-in-law is fond of saying, "Lawd, help me JEE-zus."

This may be the most pointless post ever -- in fact, I nearly went back and deleted it -- but I wanted to post what's been going on/where in blazes I've been.

I'm afraid to write more because inevitably in my foggy state, I would reveal something I'm not supposed to, like Viva's real name or the secret formula for Coke Zero.

I hope all is well with all of you, O Internets. Drop me a line sometime or have your people call my people or something.


bridget in oregon said...

Holy Nyquil, Batman! I hope you are feeling much better after a good night's rest. Sending healthy thoughts your way.

Liz said...

Oh no! Strep throat!!!

Why oh why did all those people have to come and make all that noise? Hope you're sleeping now.

I've heard the secret to Coke Zero is... oh no, federal agents are busting through the door to stop me from revealing the secret is--

(I know, I'm stupid. I can't help it.)

By the way, have you checked out the Pasadena Waldorf School? I'm going over there on Tuesday for a "look-in". It's pricey but they give great scholarships.

E. said...

Poor you! You get huge props for posting while sick and drug-addled, though, so there's a bright side. Hope you're feeling better soon, and that once you return to work the Mr. Pitts of your world are a bit easier to please.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Hi all: Much better now that I've finished a 5-day course of antibiotics (Viva is on Day 4 of hers). Whew, now I'm back at work and buried up to my neck! I'll post soon, I promise.

Cee in SF said...

My people did try calling your people, but all we're getting is the run around!

Nerd Girl said...

Feel better soon! And feel free to pass along any codeine laced drugs you don't use. Really.

Janie said...


We do what we can. Strep throat , flu, asthma, pnuemonia! Folks got it bad!! Take care of yourself and your family. We will be looking out for you. Sick posts, well posts.... we want to hear from you!

The gardeners come at the wrong time EVERY TIME!!

Be well!!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

cee: my people must be out with the flu. Keep trying.

nerd girl: I'm hanging on to that codeine. You never know when you might need it!

janie: thank you! I am feeling SOOOO much better, and I know it's partly because of all the good wishes sent my way!