Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spleen, Venting Of

This morning, while I was waiting An Eternity for Viva to get out of the bathroom, I turned on the TV to find a decent kids’ show that I had recorded (for some reason, at the time when I am usually in the shower and Viva is eating breakfast, there is a dearth of shows which catch her interest or are age-appropriate – she is in this weird netherworld where the preschool shows are too babyish, but the shows she would love to make me let her watch are too old for her. I end up taping a conglomeration of shows at various times when we are not home so I have something to keep her from standing outside the shower and screaming the same made-up song at me thirty times in a row). At this time of day, Good Morning America was on, and George Stephanopoulos was pontificating about the West Virginia primary.

Ordinarily I have no issue with George Stephanopoulos – I mean, he is so cute, you could just put him in your pocket and button it up if you didn’t want to listen to him. But GMA host Robin Roberts asked him what stood out in this primary and he responded, “Race has played more of a factor in West Virginia than in any other contest we’ve seen so far.”

He then cited the following numbers from an exit poll of “white voters” in the West VA primary:

2 out of 10 said race was a factor in how they voted
8 out of 10 voted for Hillary Clinton
3 out of 10 would support Obama vs. McCain
“This shows a real problem for Barack Obama,” he said.

“This shows a real problem for AMERICA!” I shouted at the television. Prejudice is alive and well, and we can point it out, but let’s not address it head-on – why no, let’s just keep it moving. “God, I can’t stand it,” I said, and added some choice words.

Of course, that made Viva come out of the bathroom. If Mama asks you to wrap it up and eat your breakfast, no. But if you hear Mama swearing under her breath, by all means, come on out!

P.S. New post up at Belly Overwhelmed. I'm not making any promises that it's better than this one.


sploo said...

MY GAWD! I feel the same way, except I have lost all sympathy for George's cuteness. Pah!

That such entrenched and explicit racism exists in Appalachia is AMERICA'S PROBLEM, first and foremost. It's collateral damage for the Senator from Illinois.

Don't get me started.

Mango Mama said...

I, too, am sick of George! He lost all respect from me as moderator of the Democratic debate between Obama and Clinton in Pennsylvania. I still don't understand why we was chosen to be one of the moderators based on his ongoing relationship with the Clintons, specifically as communications director for Bill during his first administration. George was practically raised in the tit of Hillary and now he's supposed to be seen as non-biased----- PLEASE!

But, you're right, this race thing is crazy and we need to address it head-on and deal with it in a productive and progressive manner.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

You know, perhaps George has become used to using his cuteness to deflect criticism. This strategy has obviously come back to bite him in the ass.

At any rate, yeah -- I was hoping Robin Roberts would come back at him with at least a snarky comment, but nay...

Nerd Girl said...

Where have I been? You're pregnant!! Congratulations - apparently I have some catching up to do - didn't realize it'd been so long since I'd been by here. Whoo hoo Baby Blah Blah!!

Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with the post . . . forgive me.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Nerd Girl, you made me laugh -- thanks very much for your congratulations! It was a bit of a surprise but we are all very excited about the addition to our family. Thanks again, it's nice to have all these good wishes...