Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What the...?

So for those who have been following along at home, you know that the Blah Blahs have been trying to find a larger place to live. We don't have to vacate our current digs at any particular date, but we do need more space for when Fetal Blah arrives in late October, with all the attendant baby gizmos and gear. We'd like to move this summer at the latest so I don't have to deal with packing and settling in while being gargantuan.

A couple of nights ago, we went to check out a place that was nice but too pricey for what it was and where it was. I have also been having an ongoing email conversation with someone who listed a house for rent, then when contacted told me the house wasn't ready to show*. We exchanged emails for a week or so, and then she asked me to give her a couple more weeks to get repairs made. I contacted her today to ask if the house was ready, and this is the response I got:

"At this point we have two very interested couples. Thanks, [insert name here]"

What the hell? Clearly this was not meant to be, but I'm discouraged and (I'll admit) a little ticked off.

As my friend Sploo would say, "That is some foolywang**."

So I'm a little bummed out on the house front, which means that this weekend will no doubt turn into an episode of The Blah Blahs Mix It Up, also known as To Make Themselves Feel Better, The Blah Blahs Redecorate. Tune in, while we:

  • debate the merits of blank, pretty sunshine-yellow walls vs. actually hanging artwork in the living/dining area, the walls of which consist of some impossible, impassable substance which you can hammer into forever and still not get the smallest hole to stick a nail or picture hanger;
  • dig up the flower bed and relocate the lantana;
  • find some pavers and put them in the flower bed, which is located very inconveniently in a strip running right through the middle of the patio (aesthetically pleasing, but when you have kids running through it, not so much);
  • gripe about the housing market;
  • buy new bedding for the master bedroom because it is no longer sexy in there;
  • lie around on the couch exhausted from our labors;
  • lie around on the couch having not done any of the above;
  • instead of doing any of the above, make movies in the backyard, with Viva as the star;
  • instead of doing any of the above, create an art project with Viva;
  • watch the NBA playoffs, which will apparently Never END (no, seriously - whose idea was it to stretch the playoff semifinals to "best of seven" instead of "best of five"? Because I like basketball, but I'm done already, and we haven't even gotten through the Eastern and Western Conference finals. Can't we just fast-forward?);
  • debate going to the beach/the in-laws' (on either side)/another kid's birthday party/on vacation;
  • create a simple yet stylish filing solution for the gobs of paper threatening to swallow our house;
  • rag on each other for our choices of baby names;
  • create a dazzling sculptural masterpiece out of all the shoes Viva has outgrown in the past couple of weeks.
Stay tuned for the soundtrack! Coming soon!

* Which should have raised a red flag anyway, since why list the house if it's not ready to show?

** Foolywang is my new favorite word. I am adding it to my list of potential baby names.


Los Angelista said...

LOL! Sorry the house didn't work out but I'm sort of glad it didn't because otherwise I would have been deprived of reading that highly entertaining list of options.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

I think we did three of the options on that list. But I have to say I have chilled out a bit about our housing situation, since freaking out seems to have helped us not one whit!