Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday’s Random Five

(1) An old friend of mine that I’ve reconnected with on Facebook just emailed me to invite me to join Tubely. As you know, I can barely keep up with this blog and Facebook, never mind yet another networking site. I took a look to see what the hell Tubely was. It’s an online dating service. Bwuh? Since we are both married, albeit to different people, I find this a bit bizarre. I just sent her a message saying, well, basically, “What?” People should quit smoking crack. Or meth. Or whatever the hot and happening’ drug is these days. I can’t keep up.

(2) How funny is the whole right-wing hullabaloo over teabagging? You can’t make this stuff up! I love it. Now I hear that the hard-core right-wing National Organization for Marriage has adopted the slogan "2M4M", which is supposed to be indicate they’re hip to the young folks with all the newfangled texting and tweeting and whatever it is they do. It allegedly stands for "2 Million for Marriage." Of course, once again, they failed to do their homework and oh, I don’t know, see if this is already in common usage. Others more hip than I have indicated that this code is very familiar on social networking sites and stands for "2 Men for a Man," i.e. two men looking for a third for a ménage-a-trois. I almost feel sorry for NOM – they can’t win for losing. It is highly entertaining.

(3) Two days ago it was 95 degrees here in Los Angeles. Today, we are looking at a high of 68. It’s overcast and a little drizzly in places. I’m wearing a sweater. Happy global warming!

(4) I fell off the 100-Pushup Challenge wagon this week. Boo. I was up to 89 pushups!

(5) In related news, there’s also a 200-Sit-up Challenge and a 200-Squat Challenge. I did the 200-Sit-up Challenge initial test and was able to do 69 consecutive sit-ups. I plan to start doing both challenges next week. In preparation, my thighs have been blubbering in the corner. That’s right, you better be scared!


Nerd Girl said...

An online dating service, really? People can be so odd.

I'm still hanging tough with the pushups, but am honestly ready to throw in the towel - I'm sick of them! I'm doing the situps as soon as I finish torturing myself with the pushups (I'm up to 113) . I'll keep you posted. Not so sure about those squats ...

We are having lovely weather. Mid 80's. I wish it would stay this way year round!

Cee in SF said...

I ignore invites to other sites now from my Facebook friends. Once I got on Twitter, I knew I was overloaded. Now I just check it to keep up with my nephew and that is a whole other job in itself!

I'll cheer you on all your challenges from my couch with a bag of Jalapeno Popper Doritos in my lap. You go!!

It's foggy and drizzly. I'm wearing a turtleneck and a heavy coat right now. Brrrr...

Lisa Blah Blah said...

I am pleased to report that my Wii Fit age went down to 33 from 55 in less than 2 weeks! I'm still going to do the challenges (she says, confident that Real Life wil not interfere).

nerd girl, I am very scared of the squats - but I think that's why I must do them.

cee, I salute you and your Doritos!