Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Times

Yesterday Sweet Dub and I met for lunch and inadvertently celebrated an anniversary: it’s been a month already since he got laid off.

I know! Doesn’t life always fast forward at the worst times?

At any rate, it was kind of a fun lunch. Laid-back, and Sweet Dub was dressed all casual and hip, wearing a new hat which makes him look even more like his doppelganger, Mos Def.

(Hm. Inserted a picture here of Mos Def in hat. Blogger will not recognize. What the fizzle?)

We talked about current events and other things not related to the kids. We ate Italian food and shared coffee afterward. It was kind of like being on a date.

We are working on a couple of creative projects together—well, mainly he is working on them, and I am trying to do my part in my spare time, and telling him whether I think this or that is a good idea, and helping with logistics when I can. And in this way, I think, the lay-off has been a good thing.

He is simultaneously happier, and a little stressed out, and excited. It’s an interesting, unpredictable chapter in this life we are building together.

That said, more to come…


Nerd Girl said...

One of the best dates my hubby and I ever had was after I'd been unemployed for a while (way longer than we expected), we were both kinda moping around but trying not to...we said bump this, went to dinner and then a movie and had a ball. I think we were laughing to keep from crying, and laugh we did. Amazing how there is always light in our lives. Always.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Nerd Girl: Amazing how laughter makes everything lighter, isn't it? So true!

Bridget said...

It's got to feel great that you have someone you can get through this with!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Bridget: It sure does. In some ways I feel like this experience has brought us closer together, as trite as that sounds!