Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sick Day, L.A.-Style

My Dear Sweet Husband came home Friday complaining that he was getting a cold. All weekend, he basically moved from the couch to the bed and back again, sniffling and looking sad. On Monday he wasn’t feeling well enough to go to work, and I was suffering from a burning sore throat too. What to do? Well, naturally, you pack up the whole family and go to the beach.

It was really a beautiful day. We stopped and had breakfast at Broadway Deli, and then traipsed down to the beach. We spent a lot of time knee-deep in the water with Lovey (her knees, not ours). She was unsure about this, crying at first from Daddy’s arms and twisting around and screaming for me. Daddy wants her to face her fears and learn that he will never put her in harm’s way, so they remained in the water. I admit that I was too tired at first to get up and try to rescue her, so I just waved half-heartedly from the blanket and drank up our water supply to soothe my throat. When I did get down to the water’s edge, she was happily screaming at the waves as they came rushing at her and even trying to get to deeper water. Score one for Daddy.

Here is the coolest part of the day: we were not far from a couple of surfers trying to catch some waves, and some dolphins came in close to shore to play with them. This is not the first time I’ve seen this, but this is the closest I’ve gotten to them. I could see them flipping around and slapping their tails in the water. How cool is that?!

Later on, after we came home, I lost whatever energy I might have been able to muster and could not even begin to think about making dinner. From my semi-conscious state on the couch, I couldn’t even think of what to order from the takeout menus. This led to us holding hands in the middle of the living room, chanting: “We are the Blah Blahs. We are hungry. Please send us some food.”

I ended up with a cup of tortilla soup and My Darling Husband had a burger with fries. It was truly a Monday Night Miracle!

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