Friday, December 02, 2005

May Cause Drowsiness

I am SICK. Can you stand it?? I have been sick, off and on, since at least early September. I know this because my insurance company is insisting I went out-of-network for two separate office visits (one in Sept, one in Oct) for this same illness to my previous doctor, and thus is applying those visits to my annual deductible, which means the Blah Blahs are being billed $300 for two ten-minute visits, one of which did not even result in antibiotics.

So I am once again sick, after a week or so of "Oh, my post-nasal drip has slowed to a trickle," and it is pretty bad. My throat is on fire, the post-nasal drip is like glue, my sinuses are congested, and the doctors I have called who are "in-network" are booked solid and can't see me for three weeks. What the frick is that? This is why I went to see my old doctor last time, because she works at a health center where they schedule in blocks of time for urgent care. What am I supposed to do, go to the ER for this? It's beyond ridic.

FYI, we have a PPO, which I thought was supposed to be less hassle than an HMO. I hate health insurance and I loathe the health care system in this country.

In other world matters, Viva's teacher, Miss Svetlana, had to return to Russia because her mother passed away. She has been gone almost two weeks. In the meantime, her classroom is being overseen by teacher's aides, who are very sweet but apparently lack Miss Svetlana's authoritas, because it is total chaos. Viva now clings to me every morning when I drop her off and doesn't want me to leave. On Monday and Tuesday she did not nap at school, so I made the executive decision to go pick her up after lunch every day until Miss Svetlana is back, since I know she will nap at home --in theory. Yesterday afternoon, I actually had to do a drive-around, i.e., pack Viva into the car with a sippy cup of milk and drive around with classical music playing for ten minutes to lull her to sleep.

This has cut into both my blogging time and my energy. Have I mentioned that I'm sick?

So you may not hear more from me until next week. Big bad apologies! Leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to. Smoochos!

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