Thursday, December 22, 2005

This, That, and the Other

First and foremost: hey, Chanukah starts the day after Christmas (thanks, Splooey). So I haven't actually missed out on wishing any of my Jewish friends and/or readers a happy holiday. For some reason, my brain had fixated on Dec. 6 as the start of Chanukah this year. There is clearly something wrong with me.
Happy Chanukah!

Random Fits

Bumper sticker seen 12/17/05:

I'm not passing judgment.
I just think you're stupid.

More of Christmas. More, more!

Letter to Santa, dictated by Viva:

Dear Santa,


Bring a ladder and a pink pole for the lights.

Bring ornaments so we can put them on the tree.

Bring the mail into our house, because we like Christmas cards.

Be up.

Bring pictures of Mickey Mouse.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Viva

And last but not least, I need to share with you this photo from Losanjealous, which pretty much speaks for itself:

The Grove* Parking Structure, 12/20/05

Note that I was at the Grove this morning at about 9:30; L2 and L3 were already full, as was L7, allegedly. I am skeptical as to the fullness of L7 due to the non-hi-techness of the display mechanism peculiar only to that parking level -- i.e., a piece of paper and some tape. But maybe I'm just being a bitch. At any rate, thanks, Victor at Losanjealous, ya made me laugh.

*The Grove is a mall here in L.A. -- but not just any mall. It's a mall whose tagline is, "Unique. Like you." No, seriously.

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