Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Reason for the Season

I swear I don't go looking for this stuff. But it's interesting that after I posted about Christmas yesterday, I stumbled across this guy, who calls himself Blackface Jesus:

Oh. No. No, he di'int.

Now, the man claims he is trying to spread the love of Jesus, and that he is "representing" Jesus, who was a black man. But he gets dressed up like this to go clubbin'...I guess the connection between Jesus, the American flag and the need to shake one's booty to pulsing electronica is a little clearer to him than it is to me, because that seems like quite a stretch from where I'm sittin'.


Man, there are a lot of jackasses in the world. Mixed Media Watch has coverage of the controversy.

What Would Jesus Do?

Continuing our coverage of Christmas, let's stop for a minute to contemplate the alleged "War on Christmas" movement. Bill O'Reilly, who must get his info through the fillings in his teeth, is insistent that there is a secular movement to get Christ out of Christmas, and he is urging people to boycott stores that use "Happy Holidays" in their marketing instead of "Merry Christmas." He includes The Daily Show, which pretty much makes fun of everything and everyone, as an example of this movement. Oooh, golly. Well, here's Jon Stewart's response.

Whew. Having spent a good part of the day at Toys'R'Us (the grammatical issues inherent there make me cringe as I type it, but it's trademarked) and at the mall, I am drained. Seems like Christmas is alive and well to me.

Tune in next time, when we examine the controversy about Kwanzaa. (No, really. There's a controversy about that, too.) Peace and love, people...

Edited to fix typos. Whatever!

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