Friday, April 11, 2008

I Hope You’re Sitting Down

Today I am exactly four months away from my 40th birthday.

Forty years old, Jesus. Some people I know have thrown big parties when they have a milestone birthday. Other people do things like train for a marathon or plan the trip of a lifetime to celebrate. As for me, I wasn’t planning much of anything. I thought we might throw a party, preferably at our new house if we had moved by then. I’d probably drink champagne and enjoy some tasty little nibbles, surrounded by loved ones.

That may still happen. But it appears that I will also be doing something completely unexpected at my 40th birthday: waddling around and watching my feet swell up.

Bloggy Friends: I am pregnant. By my birthday, mid-summer, I expect to be quite large – I will be around 7 months pregnant then if all goes well, knock wood, God willing, etc.

I know, I know – take a moment, take a deep breath. It was a bit of a shock to us too, Sweet Dub in particular.

If you’re interested, I have been blogging about it on my super secret pregnancy blog, which I will make public for you now. Read on if you have a moment. If you don’t, at least just read this one post about Viva’s reaction. It was quite heartwarming and hilarious.

As for me, even though I’ve known about it for 5 weeks now, I’m still trying to work it all out. Don’t get me wrong – I am happy and curious about this new little person, but a bit freaked out about how we will fit another child into the Blah Blah lifestyle. More specifically, into the Blah Blah home, which you should note is only 864 sq. ft. Our bedroom quite literally has no space for a bassinet, never mind a changing table or dresser, and we have two closets in our entire house.
It will all work out, because we will figure it out. I’m just concerned (as I must be) with logistics. Happy Friday! More to come…


bridget in oregon said...

What wonderful news! Big hug to you and your family.

On the 40th birthday note, it doesn't hurt. And you'll look the same as you did the day before. Seriously. ;-)

trebs said...

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy!

Molly said...

How exciting! I don't even know you but I'm thrilled for you! And for Viva. I love seeing my children together, seeing that relationship develop. Enjoy it! Best wishes!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Thanks, all! It was unexpected but not unwelcome. I'm using it as an excuse to eat whatever I want. :-) This primarily means a lot of fruit, yogurt, and ice cream. Not necessarily all together,

Los Angelista said...

Oh WOWZER! Lisa, this is some AMAZING news. How exciting for all three of you. Congratulations!

I'd be thinking about lack of closet space and bassinet space too. I try to remind my husband that we have none every time he says we should have a 3rd child. You'll work it out though. It'll be just fine.

Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy journey

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Thanks, Liz. It promises to be a crazy ride!

I think it is driving Sweet Dub a little crazy though. He really likes to have a well-thought-out plan for every aspect of life. This was not planned and pretty much threw all existing plans out the window. I keep telling him, just like you say, it will all work out. We will figure it out.