Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm thinking I might just label all posts from my formerly super secret pregnancy blog as "Belly Overwhelmed" and transfer them here. Because I don't have anything to do except obsess over crap like this.

It keeps my mind off of the terrible tragic consequences of Tax Day yesterday. Our accountant left us hanging until the last minute and then told us we owed money. Not a small amount. A major, "could be a down payment on two new cars" amount. Rat bastard! Have I mentioned that we're having a baby and would like to buy a house?

I'm proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money. ~Arthur Godfrey

At least we had the money*, although I would have preferred to spend it on something else.

* We are generally pretty good savers. This is made easier by the fact that Sweet Dub makes considerably more money than I do, what with him being in the Entertainment Business and me being all about the Non-Profit Arena.


E. said...

Hey there, and whoa! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I myself am nearly forty and not too long ago had a more or less surprise baby of my own (less because we were considering a second baby, more because we hadn't technically decided to go for it), and as a result have not been checking my favorite blogs as much as I like to. So I check in with Mama Blah, only to find out you are expecting! I am unreasonably excited for you. I hope that all is going well and that your nausea isn't plaguing you too much (if you haven't already heard, which you probably have, the nausea is supposed to be a good sign).

I can't wait to check out your super secret pregnancy blog. (What an excellent idea! It was the worst blogging in the period when I knew I was expecting, but wasn't making it public yet. Esp. b/c I was pukey as hell and could think of little else.)

Okay, gotta go. But be excited. The second time around is really fun, and I think five years or so apart is great spacing. My little five-year-old boy loves his baby sister, and she is crazy about him. And my grandma was 39 when she had her last child (of five! can you imagine?). Folks have been doing this fortyish childbearing forever, but now it's stylish. We're just like all the stars! (Actually we're on the young side, by celebrity standards.)

Los Angelista said...

I was so worried we'd get the unpleasant tax surprise like that, but it didn't happen. However, I know two folks who are doing installment payments on their IRS bills. :(

Lisa Blah Blah said...

e: Yeah, it was a shocker. All is going well; Viva is thrilled and I expect her to be a big help. The nausea has trickled off now that I am finally staring the second trimester in the face!

LA: We were worried we'd find ourselves in this situation, because Sweet Dub got an unusually big bonus last year and that tipped us into a different bracket. What sucks the most about that is we paid the tax on it when we got it, but it still counts as patr of our annual income so we get taxed at a higher rate. Grrr...