Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Follow Your Bliss

Wow, I love this story:

For Guzmán, teaching is not just a profession, it's a vocation. "You really have to feel inside that you can do this," she said. Asked what keeps her going every day at the age of 80, Guzmán laughed.  "The children," she said, "are my energy capsules."
Do you love your job so much that you’d still want to do it when you’re 80? If not, what are you doing about it? Is your job just a job, or do you feel it is a calling?

While I am not in my dream job, I know what my vocation is. I have always been a storyteller and I expect I always will be. I am hoping I will still be writing, in whatever capacity, when I am 80 and beyond. I imagine I will still have something to say. I intend to be an outspoken old broad!

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