Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Forward! Onward! And So Forth!

To meet a goal:

First of all, create one.

Secondly, do one thing every day to help you meet it.

My current goal is to remake my work life by July 1, 2013.

I chose that day because it is the beginning of the new fiscal year for many in the nonprofit sector.

I am trying to transition into copywriting somewhere. Ideally I would be able to work from home at least part of the time, perhaps two to three days a week.

Yesterday I wrote an email to reconnect with someone that I used to freelance for, and he wrote me back a very nice and complimentary note saying he remembered me and was very bummed when I chose a full-time job and could no longer write for him. I asked him to keep me in mind in the future, and he said I am definitely on his list. Now, maybe he was just being nice, but I don’t think so.

Today, I am keeping to my promise to write for 15 minutes a day and I’ve also been checking out the freelance job postings to see if any gigs have popped up. I am open to the idea of freelancing on the side for the moment. But I’m also looking at the freelance ads to see what kind of skills people are looking for, and to find out where my deficiencies lie. I am coming up with a nice list of new things I have to learn, but that is all good. I am cool with learning new things – in fact, I am excited to be branching out finally.

Good things are coming. And I am marching out to meet them.

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