Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Next Generation Artsy

Recently, the Blah Blah family undertook a little creative adventure. I am looking for new things for us to do these days--things to give my kids a different perspective, to broaden their horizons, Lord, maybe enrich them a little bit.

So with all the resources at my disposal, with minimal research I came across the Arts for NexGen program at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Well, what?! This is a free (FREE!) program for kids under 18. They have activities for kids every Sunday. Free! Metered parking around the museum is free (FREE!) on Sundays. Each kid who is a NexGen member can bring one adult guest with them every visit--free! Are you seeing a trend here?

Well, I signed the kids up online and received their membership cards in less than a week. And we went to LACMA, and I am embarrassed to say it's the first time my kids had been there. They loved it!

Tickets and maps and things, oh my!

We were helped along in the beginning by some nice folks who were helping direct people for Andell Family Sundays, a free (FREE! But I would imagine, underwritten by the Andells, so free thanks to them) day of kid-friendly activities on (coincidentally) Sundays at LACMA. They helped us map out our agenda and gave us some tips on what to see and where to go.

We stopped by Metropolis II, a cool miniature cityscape with tiny cars and trains that whiz about. We participated in a Photography and Light activity in which a NexGen docent talked to the kids about light and shadow and gave us all paper and pencils and encouraged us to find art that we liked and draw it. I chose this photograph:

Viva chose to draw me drawing the photograph, while Sweet Dub photographed us both:

And later on we ran around and under the Levitated Mass:

That's Ceeya, looking especially tiny.

And we tried creating little vignettes with shadow boxes and photographing them:

And then we had lunch from one of the skazillion food trucks parked across the street:

(That's Belly Bombz, by the way.)

And then it took me like three weeks to blog about it. But it was still fun. The End.

P.S. Totally recommend!


Bridget said...

Oooo! It does look fun. And free is such a great price.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

It was fun, and the family days change themes every month - so we will definitely be back to explore different parts of the museum! Yay for free!