Monday, February 10, 2014

One Moment in Time

Have you ever used a day book? Or read one? Day books are simple journals that are used to record daily events as they occur -- back in the day, one would write about little happenings such as "first snow," or "finished Little Women today," or "zombie apocalypse, ugh."
Apparently, people still keep them online, formats vary widely and sometimes, sometimes you might see them in the form of a blog post. (You see, I actually did have a point there.) Here is my daybook entry for today - Monday, February 10, 2014.
I am thankful...that I was able to reconnect with friends this weekend at a bridal shower.
I am wearing...a gray and silver polka-dotted sweater with an aqua scarf, cropped dark gray pants, knee-high black high-heeled boots, and silver circle earrings.
I am wondering...what the hell I am going to wear to my friend’s wedding in two weeks. It’s a 1920s/Gatsby theme and we are asked to wear attire appropriate to the era. Note that Ceeya is the flower girl and Viva is a guest. I have dresses for them but no shoes yet. I am trying not to stress over this, as I know I will get it together, but I have not yet found anything for myself that I would LOVE to wear and that I might wear again.
I am pondering...why toilet seat covers have become such a big thing on public toilets. Is it really that hard to squat?
A favorite quote for today...
Drop the negativity, yo.
Photo of me (not from today, from this weekend's vintage Victorian bridal shower):
P.S. Do you not love the old lady hat? I die.


Bridget said...

I have a daily gratitude journal on my phone. It's seeing fewer and fewer entries. I should step it up.

And yes, I love the hat. Quite stylish. :-D

PS Maybe you could get some ideas from Downton Abby for the wedding? Etsy? Good grief, where DO you go to find something like that? Do you know anyone in costumes since you're in LA?

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Bridget, I did what I always do about pretty much anything that requires a decision. I researched exhaustively online and then decided to do my own thing. It will be 1920s-inspired, but it won't be vintage. Unfortunately I don't know any costumers or designers - clearly, I am hanging with the wrong crowd. :)