Monday, July 03, 2006

From Humdrum to Fundom

Here I am at work, and there is literally not one other person from my department present, and may I remind you that I am only in my fourth week of work? I can always research stuff and read, which I have done today, but a lot of what I need to do right now hinges on other people’s feedback. So I am just kind of sitting here and not wanting to read more of this particular book I’m reading, which although fascinating because of all the info on brain development, is also kind of a downer because it is applied theory, meaning it talks about child neglect and abuse and how that affects the developing child’s brain. Guess how it affects the developing child’s brain? Not good, that’s how.

So while I need this as background info, and while the president of the organization suggested I read it (which I took as a mandate, because I see her every couple of days and she might ask me about it), I have to do it in short sessions, with breaks between. And I am not feeling like reading more of it right now, so I took a break.

I took a drive up to Wacko in Los Feliz, about 15 minutes away. And you know, I should preface this by stating that the thing about moving to a new job is, you may want to cultivate a fun new persona there. I’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate my Desolate Cubicle of Humdrum Humdrumminess. It is barren and gray, and short of buying some batik bedspreads and throwing them hither and yon, for a sort of boho-chic drapey effect (which I haven’t done, because let’s face it, that might just be too much), I have been at a loss for ideas. I have a couple of plants and some of Viva’s artwork up, which makes it a bit warmer, but it’s still pretty sterile.

Well, happily, I have discovered my new shtick. Wacko carries vintage replica tin toys which look like they hark from back in the day (pre/post-World War II-era, I guess). I found the coolest damn miniature carousel and Ferris wheel, and the toy actually plays music, in addition to the carousel and Ferris wheel moving around, when you wind it up. Wacko’s fantastico collection includes robots, a duck with a spinning beanie on its head, other carnival-type toys, and more spaceships, cars, and airplanes than you can shake a vintage replica splintery stick at.

It takes so little to make me smile, in my dimwitted simple way. Ooh, look! Shiny!


Cee in SF said...

I like this new "retro-toy" you. Very hip.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Hey, me too. I'm diggin' it like an old soul record.