Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Raise Your Hands in the Air, and Wave ‘Em Like Ya Just Don’t Care


I am not very tall. I say I am five-foot-one, but that is on a good day. I am actually five-feet-and-one-half-inch tall, but that is really just too much to expect me to say. It does not trip off the tongue as one might like.

And still and so, when I went shoe shopping this weekend, I bought two pairs of very flat shoes. One for work, and one for fun. The work shoes are pretty basic, but cute and comfy:

The play shoes might not come across onscreen as cool as they are in person:

Dude! They’re METALLIC SILVER. It was the last pair they had at Nordstrom. I totally rock. Can’t wait ‘til Casual Friday.

I revel in my shortness, by the way. (Even if it makes me look like I am standing in a hole when I go to get coffee with one of my co-workers, who is 6-feet tall and even so, wears a bit of a heel. She rocks, too.)


Speaking of revelry, a good time was had by all Sunday afternoon during the send-off of one of my dearest and rottenest friends, who is moving five million miles away from me back to the Midwest for reasons that are still not entirely clear to me. During our send-off, we drank a tea called “Spicy Revelry.” Somebody in the marketing department was clearly having a good time sniffing glue.

I will miss my dear and rotten friend badly, even though as it is, I see her maybe twice a year. Bon voyage, my dearling!


I recently posted something about how Viva is all into the wordplay these days. Lucky reader, here is a continuation! Today, in the car, she proposed a rhyming game, and it quickly devolved (unbeknownst to her) into a bewildering array of inappropriate verbiage. In the 7-10 minutes it took to get from our home to school, here is a selection of rhymes that were offered (by Viva, not me):

“Door, WHORE!”

“Television, HELL-A-VISION!”

“Tow truck, HO TRUCK!”

“Bike, DYKE!”

I was just waiting for her to say “Truck, FUCK!” You know it’s inevitable.

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Cee in SF said...

BOO, I say, to friends moving away. BOO! Rotten friends are the best and not having them around, even if you don't see said friend regularly, makes the world a little sadder place. But the Midwest is just a Southwest Airlines special away...