Monday, October 16, 2006

Check Out Our Crib!

Here's my second attempt to post pics of our new digs. Hopefully, Blogger won't do anything overwhelmingly annoying when I hit "publish post."

Here's the view of the front of the house, from the driveway (behind Sweet Dub's Jeep). Note the bougainvillea bushes in the front. And the tree! That's a baby peach tree!

Here's a picture of our kitchen with the cool-ass fully-restored Chambers stove.

This is a little patio area directly outside of Viva's room. Theoretically, she could go directly from her room out onto this little patio, but we keep it locked and jammed shut with a pole. Because, hello, this is still a major urban area.

This is Sweet Dub, doing handstands in the backyard because we actually do finally have a backyard.

We are going into Week Two of House Living and I still like it. Further bulletins as events warrant.


Cee in SF said...

It's the cutest place ever. It has charm and character. I love it!

trebs said...

An adorable house! Congrats :)

Lisa Blah Blah said...

We are really enjoying it. Yes, my commute in the morning now takes 15-20 minutes longer because I have to drop Viva off in our old neighborhood and double back, but other than that, it's fantastically great.