Friday, October 27, 2006

Reason #9,444 Why I Love My Husband

Today is the Halloween Carnival at Viva’s school. If I have not mentioned this before: Viva came up with her own costume. She could not decide whether she should dress up as a clown or an elephant (currently her favorite animal). I off-handedly said, “Maybe you could be both,” and Viva glommed onto that idea and ran with it. I sent her off to school this morning wearing a red-and-white-polka dot clown suit with matching hat, along with a pair of blue eyeglass frames, to which are attached the elephant trunk and ears. Since Sweet William is still working on a movie that is being filmed in a different time zone, he is still on a ridiculous shift whereby he must be at work at 5 AM to screen dailies. Thus and so: he did not see Viva before he left the house this morning, since she was snugly snuggled in her bed, pre-costume.

At precisely 8:42 AM, Sweet Dub called to ask me if I had remembered to buy the “nerd cord” to attach to the back of the glasses so the whole shebang wouldn’t come off her head. I admitted I had not. He was beside himself. “What time does the carnival start? Eleven?” he said.

“The carnival starts at 11, but the costume parade is at 9:45,” I said.

“Oh my God – okay, I’m leaving right now,” he said, and hung up the phone. Less than an hour later he called back to report that he left work, found the cord, drove by Viva’s school, fixed the whole rig (the ears were already apparently getting torn), and went back to work.

I am not making this up. He is completely insane about his child, God love him.

P.S. Yes, I'll post pictures later. Sweet Dub has the camera.


E. said...

What a man! That is so cool. No wonder you love him. (And then there's the other ten thousand or so reasons...)

Cee in SF said...

That's a great story!! I love love.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Hold on to your hats. I'm about to post pictures.