Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sugar Honey Iced Tea Laced with Witty Repartee

Hell's bells! It's all a mishmash of randomly randomized randomness today, kids.

For those who don't know, I am a Bostonian by birth, but an Angeleno by choice. Imagine my glee when I clicked on Losanjealous this morning and saw this side-by-side comparison of my two cities. Hee hee! I particularly like this one:
They Have...Plymouth Rock, Which Means...Pilgrims
We Have...Eagle Rock,
Which Means...Target

Maybe you have to have lived in both places to get it. But I found it quite hilarious. Thanks, Ryan.

Pet Peeve #865

What is up with people who print their letterhead with their address like so?:

8525 Main Moron Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90000

The state designation is a postal abbreviation which is supposed to be in ALL CAPS. Don't people learn this in basic geography? I seem to remember Mrs. Macchi testing us on all the states and their abbreviations when I was in fifth grade (admittedly a long time ago, but if you had Mrs. Macchi, you wouldn't forget).

(Special note to my friend Max: I await the arrival of your "Jesus Christ, you are so anal" e-mail at any moment.)

Hair She Goes Again

(Special note to my friend Max: I await the arrival of your "That was the worst pun ever" e-mail at any moment.)

I am a huge fan of Carol's Daughter products. You can get them at selected Sephora stores -- i.e., at Sephora stores which actually have some black foot traffic. Thusly, Angelenos, you can find them at the Beverly Center and Hollywood & Highland stores, but not at the Sephora in the Glendale Galleria. Figure that out.

Anyhoo: I have been using the Hair Milk and Mimosa Hair Honey on Viva, and I have to say, her hair has taken on a silkier texture. And if my girl Mary J. uses it, you know I'm down. But really, I'm just posting this to say that this little cherub, right here?

has to be pretty much the cutest thing going. I just want to grab her and squish her and...but that would be wrong, because you see, I don't even know her. She is someone else's kid! And I already have one at home who thinks we are one person and snuggles with me whenever I want. So you see the dilemma I'm in.

That is one cute kid, is all I'm saying.

And Speaking of Which...

Related to my comment above about the Sephora stores: until about a week ago, we lived scant blocks away from the Hollywood & Highland shopping center. Yes, right in the heart of Hollywood! Now that we have moved east, the closest mall is actually the Glendale Galleria. They are a few miles apart geographically, but worlds apart demographically.

Sweet Dub and I were joking last week about someone we know who moved north of LA and who had e-mailed me to say, "I hope you enjoy Atwater Village." I said (snarkily, I admit), "Yeah, well, hope you enjoy Whiteyville," which was wrong and bad of me to say, I know. And it came back to bite me on the ass since the next day I went to our local supermarket. On my return, I said to Sweet Dub, "There is NO ethnic hair care section in this Vons. Looks like we're the ones who've moved to Whiteyville." And then we laughed at ourselves, wholeheartedly.

Aloha from Whiteyville. Ahoy!

One More Random Comment

Last week, I was walking down what could be characterized as the gritty, inner-city street where my office is. My agency has three properties on the same street, so generally at least once a day I have to walk down the street to one of the other ones to go to a meeting or drop off or pick up some damn thing or other.

As I was crossing the intersection, a tall thin brother passed me and said, "Hey, lady! You lookin' mighty jazzy! You married?"

Well, at least he asked.


E. said...

"Mighty jazzy!" for street attention from a stranger, that's pretty original (and yes, relatively respectful).

Yeah, the cherub is mighty cute. The little boingy curl hanging in front of her eyes just cinches it. (Though Viva gives her a run for her money - her pictures exude spunk, unlike this rather languid little sweetie.)

Cee in SF said...

I'm gonna use that line! I've seen many a jazzy person. Hell, I think I'm one, too, but no one's said so yet.

Anyway, I was having someone do some database work today and asked them to clean up all the "Ca" and other such junk. Why don't people learn?

Re: Sephora, buy $50 online thru 11/13 and get an 11-item sampler pack. Code: JACKPOT

Anonymous said...

Welocme to skunkville, I ran into a skunk and her baby on the front lawn this morning. She wiggled her tail at me and I jumped into the passenger seat of my car! No spray, thank god.


Lisa Blah Blah said...

e and Cee: What's great it that it was original, relatively respectful and even accurate, because I was feeling pretty jazzy. I had on dark red boots with a funky embroidered skirt and my honey-colored suede jacket. By the way, I think you're both mighty jazzy.

e: You know, when you made the comment about Viva's spunk, I went to look at my Flickr badge in the sidebar (because I had to see how cute she is) and it appears to be gone. Where are my pictures?!

Willistyle: Invest in a flashlight. Smooches!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Cee: Oops, forgot to say thanks for the Sephora tip. Mmmm, Sephora.

Re: Ca. Okay, so it's not just me. Is it just bad typing, or do people actually think that's what it's supposed to look like?