Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Payoff (Literally)

So, two-and-a-half cool things happened today at work:

1. I found out that the very first grant I worked on when I got here – as in, we met to hash it out the second day I started work – has been funded, to the tune of $75,000. SWEET! This led to my boss thanking me for my "tenacious work ethic."

2. The President & CEO found out I still don’t have an office and made the executive decision to kick out the people who have been squatting* in the office she wants me to have. I will allegedly be in my new office by the end of the month.

½. The quarterly organizational newsletter, which is one of our major publications, came out. This was cool, because I wrote two of the articles – very cool to see my words in print. But not so cool, because I didn’t even get a credit. I should have been listed as a contributing writer in the masthead section, but apparently it wasn’t updated from the last issue. Sour grapes, I know.

* Not my word, my boss’ word. Evidently the people who share the office are not supposed to be in there; one of them just decided to take it, and the other person (who is new) got put in there with her. It is all very puzzling. I am not thrilled with the idea of displacing people, but hell, if they aren’t supposed to be there in the first place, they need to get to steppin’.


Cee in SF said...

$75K=Woo hoo!!!
Office=Woo hoo!! The squatters knew their time was limited.
Credit=Boo, but we love you!!

E. said...

Congrats on the big grant. And also on the office. Having your own office is such a blessing. I shared an office for the first two years I was at my current school, and once I got my own office I realized how much more productive I was and happier too (even though I liked my old office mate ... just wasn't conducive to getting shit done, nor to the quiet necessary for thinking).

Lisa Blah Blah said...

You know, the not-having-an-office thing has been OK, because for a while there I was working at least once a week from home. It's been a few weeks since I've been able to work from home, and it's bumming me out. Supposed to get our DSL this afternoon.

I do think I will be more productive with an office, but we'll see...maybe I'll start bringing in six-figure grants!