Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now and Then

It is Saturday morning. Sweet Dub has taken Viva out to breakfast and then they are going to see Bee Movie.* They left after repeated, stern instructions from him for me not to overdo it while they were gone.

There are so many things I want to do right now and I can't:

(1) Exercise.
(2) Clean the house.
(3) Take my car to the gas station, get gas and put air in the tires. (I can drive with a towel over my abdomen between me and the seatbelt, but the squatting to inflate the tires would still hurt and I might strain something.)
(4) Gardening/working in the yard.
(5) Pretty much anything active.

The good news is that my abdomen has shrunk enough that I can fit into my comfy jeans, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am heading back to the world of normal clothes! Oh, how I've missed you!

The weather today is perfect for a nice fall hike in Griffith Park. On one of my first real dates with Sweet Dub, he took me for a hike in Griffith Park. I didn't realize it was a test! (Ooh, sneaky Dub.) We drove up and parked across from the Greek Theatre and headed up a steep trail. It was all uphill for a good 5 minutes, then leveled out, then uphill again, etc. We walked and talked for a good hour or so, and I didn't poop out. I guess he was trying to see if I was actually in shape or whether I was thin because I didn't eat much.** Because he is a very active person, this was an important compatibility issue for him.

I am not as active as he is, but I do miss yoga and hiking and dancing. Those are my three favorite "active" activities. (Well, the three that I can tell you about. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.)

I am now going to fling open the windows and let the crisp air into the house and maybe "couch dance"*** to my (and Viva's) new favorite song by Flight of the Conchords. You know I like funny. I am slightly ever so in love with them:

"You like boom, I like boom, enough small boom, let's boom de boom!" Viva likes to dance to the abbreviated version we show her via TiVo (so she doesn't actually hear the f-word or the b-word. Give us at least a little credit.). Enjoy!

* Please note that if you click on the link for Bee Movie, you will be taken to a review by Common Sense Media. My adding this link should not be interpreted as my having read the review before sending my kid to the movie. Because I didn't. Because I am just that lazy. Thank you and good night.

** Which, in itself, is kind of ridiculous, since during the blind date at which we met, I ordered French toast, swimming in butter and syrup, and bacon. What can I say - it didn't occur to me to order an egg-white omelet. That is just not how I roll.

*** By which I mean sit on the couch and dance only with my shoulders and arms. Gently.


bridget in oregon said...

Oh, dear. I know about the towel across the lap while driving! I am not alone! My ten year old hugged me today a bit to tight though... can't wait for the tenderness to evaporate along with the last of the swelling. Hang in there, girl, and I'll do the same!

Janie said...

Girl Puh-leeze! If it's animated, "it don't need no review!" At least that SHOULD be the rule. You are cracking me up! P.S. I am trying to get into my comfy jeans and I haven't had any surgery!! Big Ups to you!!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

bridget: As I said to Sweet Dub recently, "I guess when they say six to eight weeks, they mean -- SIX TO EIGHT weeks." I was either in total denial of what abdominal surgery entails, or -- well, I guess I was in total denial of what abdominal surgery entails. Either way, not something I want to do again.

janie: I know! I Googled the movie to find an interesting link and only then did I think to myself, "Hmm, maybe I should have checked out some reviews before they left," which would have been useless anyway, as Viva was totally sold on going and would have had a conniption if we had canceled her moviegoing experience. So good to know my maternal instincts were right! It's easy to overthink these things.