Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weird And/Or Random

Okay, Janie tagged me and I'm meme-ing, if somewhat belatedly. My mission is to reveal 7 weird/random things about myself and tag 7 other bloggers.

(1) In high school, I was in an advanced art class through which I was selected to help create a float for a Disney-themed parade (why on earth?!?) through downtown Boston. My team was chosen to design the Fantasia float. I spent a ridiculous amount of time helping recreate the Dance of the Hours sequence with an oversized dancing hippo in a tutu and an alligator in a cape. Chicken wire, papier mache, tissue paper, and paint, for weeks after school, with all the usual high school bitchery. When we finally got to ride on the float, waving at the crowds, I laughed hysterically through the whole thing. The absurdity of it was just overwhelming.

(2) I have seven moles on my body (three on my neck alone). When Viva was younger, she thought they were extra nipples. This was, thankfully, once she was past the age of breastfeeding.

(3) If I could eat ice cream every day, I would.

(4) When I was in elementary school in Boston back in the day (1970s!), one year near the end of the year they had each kid self-identify racially on one of the standardized forms we were filling out. This was back in the day when you could only check one box. I think there were maybe four options, which even at the time was baffling. Because we are "mixed," I checked black, and my sister checked white. The next year, my sister was assigned to 6th grade at a middle school a mile or so from our predominantly white working-class neighborhood. I was bussed (!!) to 5th grade in a more diverse school (great mix of black, white, Asian and Hispanic, to my great relief), about 5 miles away. So few of us came from that neighborhood that we were bussed in on the short bus! To this day, with all the fuss over bussing in Boston, I do not understand why, as the "black" kid, I was bussed OUT of my white neighborhood. Wasn't the idea that the schools were suppoed to be more integrated?

(5) The following year, I was bussed even further away, to a predominantly black middle school. I got in more fights that year than I can count - none provoked by me, and all involving a group of mean girls, in my grade but not in my class, who insisted that I "thought I was cute." Since at 11 I was already wearing glasses and never knew what to do with the unruly mass of frizz on my head, nothing could have been further from the truth. It was completely bewildering.

(6) The first movie I ever saw was Benji, when I was 6. I was a complete freak about dogs and yet to this day, except for a two-week stint with a puppy that my parents later gave away (!! child abuse!!), I have never owned one.

(7) Speaking of dogs, when I was 25, I was mauled by my dad's Akita. Today, if I shaved my head, you would see the scars from four bite marks on my skull. I did not have a great relationship with my dad before this happened, and strangely, this did not improve things. Perhaps this is because he kept the dog despite its penchant for biting people smaller than it (the dog outweighed me by at least 20 pounds). Whenever I would call him, even years later, I would ask, "Is your dog dead yet?"

I think he resented that.

So those are my seven things. I rarely comment on other people's blogs - I know, this is really bad blog etiquette. So I feel a bit awkward and shy about tagging anyone to do this meme! Instead, if you would like to post seven random/weird things either here, in the comments, or on your own blog, please do. No, really, please, because I do find you fascinating. I have really enjoyed other people's lists. These are the things that make you, you.

Won't you share?


trebs said...

My 7 Weird an/or Random Things...( and trust me, there are thousands more)

1. I once tried to do a 'russian split' move when I was learning to ice skate. I landed it perfectly on my face. I still have the lip scar and crown on my front tooth to prove it.

2. In high school, I was punched in the head by a homeless woman on North Broad Street in Philadelphia while volunteering at a homeless shelter.

3. I am incensed by anyone who puts green peppers on a steak sandwich and calls it a "Philly Cheesesteak".

4. I once owned a cassette tape by Menudo (of the Ricky Martin/Robbie Rosa years) and I can still sing the chorus to Motorcycle Dreamer .

5. I happily admit to having attended a Barry Manilow concert in Las Vegas. It was awesome.

6. I carry on a very elaborate internal monologue in the shower every morning and at times find myself humming "Where do they Make Balloons" by They Might Be Giants while trying to remember what's on my daily to do list. Once in a while I forget and answer a question posed within the brain out loud, my voice thus frightening myself into nearly slipping on the porcelain and paralyzing myself from the neck down. Which of course then leads to the mental conversation, "do you really want your claim to fame to be being known as the woman who handicapped herself whilst humming in the shower to a children's song?"

7. I actually really enjoy middle school students. Most people think that's insanity right there!

trebs said...

And by "enjoy middle school students" of course, I mean TEACHING them. I really felt compelled to clarify that.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

I love these. And yes, once you get started on documenting weird/random things, it's hard to know where to stop.

I would like to hear more about the homeless woman story whenever you have time. What did you do??

Liz said...

I'm so glad you decided to do this. I can so relate to #4 and #5. The funny thing is that I got called "Oreo" but I didn't even know what those were since my mom was such a health nut.

Crazy about the dog. I don't know why folks keep dogs that are dangerous.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Oh yes, my mom was a health nut too! At one point she had us taking 2 giant kelp tablets with meals - what on earth??

Then when I was in my teens, one day I was helping her unpack groceries and I found a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi. I could not have been more shocked if I had stumbled on a bag of heroin (like I would even know what it was)!

Janie said...


I am so glad you are getting better, but feel the pain of home time ending!!

I had Akitas for a long time. I loved them and so sorry that your experience was bad!

I was quiet all through middle school and people thought I was being arrogant. Go figure!

I love your version of playing!!

Trebs - I have taught middle school for 13 years! I know exactly what you mean! Love em!