Thursday, November 08, 2007

You Look FABulous!

Today was "get pretty" day for no other reason than that I had a hair appointment already scheduled. I gave myself a facial and a partial manicure (didn't have time for polish) and then tootled over to the salon. They spent two hours coloring my hair, first with the base color, then the highlights. I went directly from there to a nearly three-hour lunch with an old college friend -- we had a great time getting caught up and talking about how much beer and vodka we drank and how little sleep we survived on back then. Then we laughed about our shitty GPAs. Ah, college.

It was a wonderful, very self-indulgent day. I highly recommend!


camila said...

Me siento obligado a enviar este mensaje, es extraño pero funciona!! Envía este mensaje a 10 personas y después ves a la web y verás escrito el nombre de la persona que te ama. Solo pierdes unos pocos segundos y te evitarás muchos males de amor.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

camila: Hablo un poquito (poquito!) de espanol. No me gusta para recibir o enviar "chain mail." Por favor, no le envia otra vez. Gracias!