Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Prudence,

The way that my office is set up and my desk is configured, anyone can see my monitor when they walk into my office – that is, if they really want to. A person that I work with has the habit of walking in and as he/she is talking, situates self so their body is where they can see the computer, and eyes keep going back to whatever is on my computer screen. I realize that this is a very human trait, people are naturally curious, etc. but I find it really rude. Most of the time I am doing work stuff, but sometimes I am eating lunch at my desk – which should be pretty obvious, as there is food on a plate in front of me. Despite the fact that I am at my desk, sometimes there’s personal stuff I want to do, like look at my bank balance, pay bills, etc. Sometimes I want to write an e-mail to a friend. Sometimes I want to comparison shop online when I am contemplating a big purchase. Sometimes I like to check other people’s blogs!

Just so you know I am not a complete idiot, I realize the solution is that I should just reconfigure my office. However, I have a heavy, L-shaped desk with the keyboard drawer attached in this configuration. I have tried moving the monitor before but the cord doesn’t stretch far enough.

So perhaps I just need to be rude, although I don’t want to damage my work relationship with this person, and I like him/her overall. Any ideas?

Wimpily yours,
Mama Blah


bridget in oregon said...

Is there anybody in your office that can help you move the desk? I would ask around. That way you can just avoid that whole scenario no matter who walks in. Just a thought.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Moving the desk is, unfortunately, not an option. The problem is the shape of my office and the fact that the front wall of my office is glass. I am going to try and move my whole computer configuration today. Wish me luck!