Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Powerful Than a Locomotive!

Today is Tuesday, and we are exactly a week away from Viva’s 5th birthday. We are not doing a HUGE party this year, but we are doing a small party at school (cupcakes, goody bags) and we are supposed to be taking her and her best friend C. to Disneyland* the weekend before the birthday – i.e. this coming Saturday. Now, I have called C’s mother twice in the past week and a half and left messages on both her home and cell phones. I offered to just take C. with us, or, if her mom was not comfortable with that, we would of course pay for her as well. NO RESPONSE. This is after I already ran it by her a month or so ago and she agreed to come. So now I am scrambling a bit and will probably see if one or both of my nephews can come instead. I know Viva is going to be really disappointed if C. can’t come – I fully expect big, drippy tears, veins standing out from neck, etc. – so I am pretty ticked off on her behalf.

At any rate, Viva decided that for school, she wants a Bat Cat party. Bat Cat is a fairly minor character in the Charlie and Lola series, so there is no such thing as commercially-licensed Bat Cat paraphernalia. I don’t have as much time on my hands these days as I did when I was home on medical leave and made the Bat Cat Halloween costume, so I asked her to compromise a bit and do a general superhero party. She was down with that, because lately she is crazy for The Incredibles and wants to be Dash (“He can RUN! ON! WATER!”)

and she knows the boys in the class (who outnumber the girls 2 to 1) would be cool with Spiderman and Batman masks and all. But as I am looking for goody bag stuff, etc., I’ve been smacked in the face again with how unbalanced all marketing crap is.

The only female prepubescent superhero that I’m aware of is “Word Girl” who appears on PBS:

She’s great and all, but she has a limited audience. There is no big-name girl superhero.**

This bums me out. Clearly, I am going to have to create one in my spare time.

Speaking of non-commercial superhero stuff for your kid (and we were, weren’t we?), check out Little Capers. Now I’m stomping off to finish a program budget, in a single bound.

*I know, this seems to completely contradict my hatred of all things Disney. But we live less than an hour away from D-Land and Viva has never been and wants to go. Sometimes for your kids you have to suck it up.

** Yes, I know Dash’s sister is a superhero, but she’s in junior high. She can turn invisible and create force fields, which is pretty handy, but she doesn’t have the punchy personality of Dash, so I can see why Viva is not so taken with her.


Molly said...

I've been stalking your blog for a while and felt it was only fair to let you know. Don't worry, I'm not an internet crazy. I found your blog when i did a search for car seat expiration dates. I know, random. Anyway, just letting you know I'm here. I like your style.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Well, hello, Molly. Welcome, sit down and take a load off. Thank you for reading even though I write so rarely these days!

bridget in oregon said...

Best of luck on the Superhero party! I did a big party (well, as big as I could handle, which is not saying a lot) for my oldest daughter when she turned five. You'll become a seasoned pro by the time they are ten, trust me. We've done many themes... some obscure, some not, and I'm always amazed at how they eventually come together in the end.

Let us know how is goes!

bridget in oregon said...

PS I hate it when another parent can't even get back to you. Are we all suppose to freakin' wait around with baited breath for their answer? A 'yes we can make it' or 'sorry, no we can't' is just fine.

Sorry to vent, but I've been through that scenario too --just as recently as this past week--so it pains me to think that it actually happens to other people.

I mean, GEEESH!

Los Angelista said...

What's up with the mom not calling back to confirm yea or nay? That's shady!

I went to a six hour birthday party today...the baby turned ONE! LOL!

Lisa Blah Blah said...

bridget: I am completely disorganized and the party is tomorrow. Disneyland wiped me out! But I'm taking tomorrow off, so I hope to get a lot done before the party at school at 3. And yeah, I don't know what is up with Best Friend's mom. Did I offend her somehow the last time I saw her? Has there been some sort of family catastrophe? What? I'm really mystified.

liz: I'm trying not to assume the worst. But yeah, shady. And SIX hours for a birthday party? For a one-year-old? People have lost their minds.