Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Hot Mess

Big sigh. This hair issue has gone from bad to worse.

My sister-in-law wanted to make Viva an appointment to get her hair done this Saturday so she would be set for Thanksgiving. I responded that Viva doesn't want to get her hair pressed again, so I wanted to make sure the other stylist, who doesn't press hair but does "braids" (i.e. cornrows) was available.

"I thought Viva doesn't want braids, she said they made her hair hurt," Diva said.

"She doesn't want cornrows, she wants individual braids," I said.

"Well, that takes forever and that is really expensive," Diva said. And then she fixed her mouth to tell me that she was through with my child, that she didn't even know what she wanted to do with her hair, that she was trying to do something nice and that before she started doing this, Viva's hair looked a hot mess and she never ever saw her even look in a mirror and that she just can't be doing this etc., etc. and by the way YOU'RE WELCOME.

I remained calm (although WHAT THE F? You are THROUGH with my child? My child, who you just said looks A HOT MESS?! And then you are going to imply that I am ungrateful?) and said (as I had already said multiple times) thank you for doing this for Viva, but since it's not what she wants, it doesn't make sense to keep doing it, so why spend that money and time.

And then I prevented myself from having some kind of cardiac infarction, wished her a safe trip for Thanksgiving, and as I was saying it, realized she had already hung up on me.

Happy frickin' holidays. If you took my blood pressure right now I think it would be off the frickin' charts.


Bridget said...

No words, man. No words.

You were a model of self-restraint, Lisa. Do you all have to share turkey next week, too? I wouldn't know how to act. I'd feel so hurt and angry.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Bridget - no, fortunately for all concerned, she is going out of town for Thanksgiving, which is why I was wishing her safe travels when she hung up on me.

Today, having had some time to think, I realize this is her problem, not mine. I am not going to add to the craziness. Deep breaths and release!

Nerd Girl said...


Sometimes I wish my in-laws were a little more involved in our life. This makes me glad they are not.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Well, I love my in-laws most of the time -- just like I love the rest of my family most of the time. My sister-in-law just has very fixed ideas about this one thing and this creates a problem where there doesn't need to be one. I am sure she sees it from the opposite perspective and wishes I would stop causing her problems! All I can say is, we are very different. But I wouldn't trade her. :)