Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Countdown!

Yeeps! For those who celebrate Christmas:  it is exactly ONE MONTH away. Aiiiiii!

Why do I feel like it has gotten away from me already? We usually have our holiday photos done and ordered by now, and we haven't even done our photo shoot yet - I admit I feel a little under the gun. (We are planning on shooting on Thursday or Friday morning and then designing and ordering the card over the weekend. Hopefully I can then receive them and do a mail-out by the weekend of December 9th. Time to get my mailing list together...)

One of the things that can too easily leave me scrambling at the last minute is stocking stuffers.  Not so much for the kids as for Sweet Dub. (I have also been known to buy them for myself now and then - don't judge, sometimes I just see something I would really like that seems perfect. Smiley face emoticon here. You know how it is.)

I was quite happy to stumble upon this in my Internet wanderings today: a list of men's stocking stuffer suggestions from the Art of Manliness blog. I think there are at least five items that Sweet Dub would be quite happy to receive.

As for my wish list: honestly, I have what I need. I would like some red boots since my wonderful old burgundy ones bit the dust last year. But truly I would be happy with an Amazon gift card and a few hours free to read.  And maybe a massage.

What's on your list?


Bridget said...

The only thing on my list is a new pair of ski boots. My old ones are from 1987. Yes. 1987. I don't care if they're used or stock that's two seasons old and REI forgot them under some forklift, they've got to be newer than 1987.

And if that can't happen then I don't really care if I get anything. I'm good.

Going to go check out your manly man stocking stuffer link now... (Thx!)

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Bridget, I am impressed that you ski. I grew up in New England and could never bring myself to embrace the snow to that degree! I have problems.

I hope Santa brings you some kick-ass boots! (with spots on them?)