Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ageless, Timeless, Clueless.

Hey, guess what? This “writing every day” thing is hard! I can’t lie.

Today’s story opens at a funder holiday event about 40 miles from my office. At a lovely mid-morning reception, I met someone who has only been in the fundraising/grants development business for one week. He asked me for advice, training resources, etc. He asked all kinds of other questions, as well. It turns out we live in the same neighborhood, which was a little coincidental considering we were at an Orange County event, a fair pace from our LA County digs. But as we went on talking I started to get this vibe that he had more than a professional interest in me.

(And believe me, I am so clueless about this type of thing that even after DATING Sweet Dub a few times, the first time he kissed me it took me completely by surprise. He gives me a hard time about it to this day.)

I mean, it’s flattering, I guess, but also a bit awkward.  He was very nice and subtle about it (to me, but you know, see above re: cluelessness) but once I got hip to it, I pretty much shut it down right away – politely changing the subject and checking the time, then leaving shortly thereafter. I also found it funny that the one black man – the one brotha at the whole event! – sought me out and tried to become my new BFF. Or more – wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
Whatevs - I just didn't expect this type of thing to be happening at my advanced age. I mean, I am 45!  What the what?! 

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