Friday, November 11, 2005

Avoid Punctuation and Other Conventions

Hello, it's Veterans Day and I am a moron.

I am a moron because yesterday, even though on some level I realized today would be Veterans Day, on another more important level, I didn't realize that certain agencies would be closed. I thus failed to (a) deposit a check at the bank; and (b) pick up my books on hold at the library. Viva's school is open today, but they don't have classes (?!), and when I dropped her off, much of the school was dark. Like whole classrooms of the primary grades were empty. Happily, the preschool was pretty jumpin', but there are usually 12 kids in Viva's class, and this morning at 9:05 AM, there were only 2. Including her. What generally happens in a case like this is they merge the preschool classes, which Viva loves, because she is all about hanging out with the Big Kids. Which is hilarious, considering that the Big Kids in question are 3 and 4 years old.

At any rate, Happy Veterans Day!

Feeling rather odd this Veterans Day, having just realized that I no longer know any veterans personally. My dad was a Vietnam vet and both grandpas served in WWII. I raise my hat and tip my glass to them and to all vets today, and direct you to some handy veteran facts.

Are you aware that there is a controversy swirling about this holiday? Say it isn't so (you say)! It's true. Note that I have not strayed from the standard in this post, but really, I'm wondering if, due to the controversy, I should just start wishing people a happy Remembrance Day and be done with it.

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I Smell Bacon

Viva is quite the ham. She is a singer/dancer/linguist without peer. As evidence, I submit to you the following.

Viva [in the shower, dancing about and singing loudly]: What's your name?

Mama Blah: You know my name. My name is Lisa.

Viva [singing]: Lisa, Lisa! Your name is Lisa, your name is Lisa, and I sing it to you, I sing it to you my mommy, because you are Lisa! Lisa! LISA!

Mama Blah: That was so beautiful.

Viva: Wanna hear it again? Hey, where's my pig?


[We are once again watching Noggin*, and Jack's Big Music Show comes on. The theme song is one that Viva loves, because in it, one gets to tap one's feet, clap one's hands, bark like a dog, and sing "Dum-diddy-dum-de-dum-de-dum-day," and who doesn't want to do that? Unfortunately, she gets tangled up in the blanket on the couch and can't get to her feet before the song is halfway through, which leads to:]

Viva [wailing]: I want to dance! I can't do it! I NEED to DANCE!

Mama Blah [helping to extricate her and grabbing for the remote simultaneously]: Hang on, baby, I can rewind it.

Viva [immediately calm and starting to dance]: I need to dance.

* Please don't think that watching TV is all we do. We do other stuff. We do! Sometimes we read books and stuff. And build stuff with blocks. And we watch TV! Oh, wait.


[Viva and I have just returned from school. Viva runs into the kitchen and starts hanging on the refrigerator handle, trying to open it:]

Viva: I need a snack! I need a snack! Open, refrigerator, open! AHBLAY!

Mama Blah: Did you just say "abre"?


Mama Blah [thinking to self]: At least Dora's good for something.


I just love my girl. Here's another reason why:

Mama Blah: You know who's cute? You.

Viva: No, you're cute!

Mama Blah: No, you are!

Viva: No, YOU! [starts laughing hysterically, and says through her chuckles:] I love you.

Oh my God, I think my heart just swelled up and fell out of my eyes.

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